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Quake 3 patch 1 32c firefox. Here are the highlights of what's new in the latest release of Vortex. A command-line utility for quickly finding duplicates in a given set of files. Abdou now online's (@abdoualittlebit) profile on Instagram. It's 35C in Bangkok, 36C across Malaysia and 32C in Singapore. Fourteen-year-old Sala has nightmares that the Earthquake Man is trying to stuff her inside a little box.

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[Finds] I got 99 problems but Taobao ain't one

I decided to step my toes into Weidian (3 things from this list are from there) - honestly with some good results! The Diorquake definitely was a little disappointing, but I took a risk and very impulsively bought it. I love the re/done jeans and t-shirt I got. I normally wear a 26 in jeans and got these in a 27 to be safe and they're maybe a touch too big. The shirt is a great fit. So I recommend everyone take the Weidian plunge!!
So in regard to clothing, one thing I’ve noticed is, unfortunately, most of the clothing brands such as Realization Par, For Love and Lemons, Reformation, With Jean, etc.. are repped poorly (when you're purchasing on the cheaper end of the spectrum). There are some exceptions, but this is a general thing to keep in mind when shopping - the pics are not as they seem. They usually get the pattern right - but they tend to make the neckline much more conservative. Also for clothing that is supposed to be more “body con” I’ve noticed they tend to make more empire style at the bottom. I always tell myself “it’s fine I’ll get it altered” and then I end up with an "ugly potato sack supposed to be cute dress" sitting in my closet for a year. #stayawayfromChicTok
Sizing? Total Cr*p shoot. Not a lot of uniformity policing in the rep business who would have thought?!?! If the 100 pound chick who posted a review bought a large and looks good in it……that’s certainly an indicator. Also, what is up with the most random review pictures, I’ll be looking to buy a skirt and some girl will post a review with a picture of the meal she ate last week.
Another thing to keep in mind is, and this irks me to no end, you don’t always get better quality for paying more money. I strongly believe that a lot of what’s sold is all the same and sellers just charge different prices. This is not always the case - but do a little reverse image searching and investigating before you purchase. I tend to see this is the case for some jewelry items and some more “instagrammy” style clothing. If it looks like a hundred stores have the same stock photos, same model photos, same product photos, they’re likely all selling the same thing.
Clothes + Shoes
Cheap By Far Purse - Style fit - keep in mind my bag is a (very) cheap version, if you would like a higher quality version I think this one looks a little nicer higher quality
AreyouAmi square neck crop top – I really like this, but didn’t take pics
Reformation Dress - looks like a potato sack on me, going to tailor it into a top
Puffy sleeve mini dress - Fit Pics of Mini Dress - love this dress
Reformation Skirt - A little long on me will probably alter, but pretty cute overall
Weidian: DiorQuake - pics- Ugh this bag is too dark in the white space it kills me
Trendy Chain Belt
Weidian: Re/Done Jeans - Style fit
FjallRaven Backpack – this bag is a POS (would not buy) edit I've been told other people have bought this bag and it is very close to the auth (which I have never held), so the decision is yours
Saint Laurent T-Shirt - don’t like this shirt – large and cheap feeling
YSL Heart Bag - this has been reviewed on here a few times, I am happy, I believe the flaw you should be aware of is it is matte but supposed to be shiny.
Fendi BaguetteVery satisfied, handle is not real leather but replaceable
Silk Cami - Fit pics
Lulu headband - this is nice
David Yurman Bracelet - Pics compared to my authentic - very happy with this
Puffy sleeve white crop top - love this top! Super hard to get on though because it has no zipper I almost have to dislocate my shoulder while putting it on, also super small
Celinesque/the row Heels - Style fit
Versace T - Fit is more like a men's size, ordered a small
Weidian: Re/Done Tie Dye T-shirt - LOVE THIS
Pics of all Earrings
Lele flowers
Cherries - people always give me mad compliments on these
Different styled Celine Earrings:
Celine twisted
Celine gold disk
Celine silver hook with branding
Celine gold hook hoops
Celine thick hoop - really heavy, but nice
Obligatory shout out to how much I love repladies. This is the most amazing group of kind, caring, dedicated, motivational, supportive women I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. I feel like in my sad moments, you guys have cheered me up. In my stressed times, you guys have made me laugh. From style inspo to relationship advice - you ladies are my heroes <3
Edit: For anyone who has been curious about "Grey Market" items, Grey market items often have cut tags - for whatever reason, I have often debated whether they are real are not. Anyway, I just stumbled upon this notice from a Weidian store (basically explaining why they cut the tags) and thought it was interesting - I'm not sure if this means they cut the tags when they steal them from the factories?! This is the store for anyone who is interested
Edit#2: Because someone asked below about using Weidian, I am copying and pasting my explanation here if anyone is interested in learning how:
Weidian Guide
In general, you need the Weidian app on your phone to really use Weidian, it doesn't function well on desktop in my experience. I like Weidian because it is easy to search for stuff and find a million options, and view the branding, unlike in Taobao. What you do is (or what I do), I search on my phone, I like to search with the names of bags like "Neverfull" etc. and then I click on one I like. For example, this is what it looks like when you search for "Pochette Metis" - Search Results. Essentially there will be around 200 results to scroll through and pic which seller and price point you like.
I tend to go with Weidian over trusted sellers because I dislike it when sellers don't include their prices in their yupoo (I hate having to bother them with my indecisiveness like "so how much is x bag, and what about this other bag, and then this bag too, oh and now I change my mind and don't want anything").
Weidian has pretty much everything the trusted sellers have. Plenty of stores seem to source from the same factories, based on the factory PSPs. I always pay attention to the background of a factory picture - like the curtains, the wall, stuff like that - so I know when I see stores which source from the same factory as one of the trusted sellers.
But it also has way more than the trusted sellers! It has more accessories, brands, belts, vintage, swimsuits, lululemon (galore). For usually comparable if not better price points!
Carefully pick which store you decide to buy from - if it has "diamonds" or a "crown" rating it generally has good reviews. And because Superbuy acts as a middleman, it acts as a safety net, if they bait and switch you can tell Superbuy to return the bag, but that has never happened to me. And because you're paying a service fee I expect that returns and other demands are more accommodated by the agents.
If I find something I want to purchase, I click the Gold Circle (that is spinning sometimes) on the app below the picture to the right
And then click on the bottom right picture which shows a link, this copies the link to the item, then I send it in a text message to myself so I can pull it up on my computer (you could email it to yourself if you don't have your text messages set up on your laptop).
Then I copy the link from my texts and put it into Superbuy. Superbuy is going to be like "wtf link not found" and that is where people generally begin to panic - but you should not!
All you do is type in the 1) price of the item, 2) what the item is called, 3) click "ghongzhao" for warehouse, 4) put in 10 yen for shipping costs and then hit submit! what the page looks like
The next day Superbuy is going to send you a notification asking you to pay an expert service fee for using Weidian - still refrain from panicking - this is only a 10% fee (but this small fee gives you like insane access to stuff, once you start browsing you're going to freak out, it's a gold mine). Then that is it - your order has been placed. If it is out of stock (which has only happened to me once) - your agent will let you know and then refund you everything you paid (I suggest leaving it in your superbuy account and using it for something else).
Some Weidian Finds to get u guys salivating
Dior Converse
By Far Heels
LuLulemon Tank Top
A different lululemon tank top
Mother Jeans
Fendi Belt
Balenciaga Jean Skirt
CD belt
Dior Vintage Skirt
Vintage Chanel Tank top, maybe fantasy not sure
Unravel Jeans
LV iphone bag Another option
Alexander Wang Jogging Shorts
LV lipstick capsule purse, a purse for ants?
LV wave key-chain
LV Bleecker Box
LV new PVC Bag, not sure if I like this but u guys can decide
Cheap Marni weave bag
submitted by racheldaniellee to RepLadies

ARM Applications

As you know the SQ1 is a custom ARM chip based on the 8cx. That means it has a different microarchitecture, it does run AArch64 and AArch32 applications.
Through the Windows on ARM emulation layer it also runs x86 applications. This doesn't apply to drivers as they have to compiled to match the target architecture and can't be run through the emulation layer as the layer only work on user-mode.
Many now want to know if their applications run on the Pro X and well they do.
Some WoA devices were already sold, but they use "slower" processors, but they can be used to test if the applications even do run.
For perfomance we will have to wait for the benchmarks and reviewers.
What we can do now is to ask developers to compile AArch64 binaries of their software.
Official ARM64 binaries

x86 Software proven to run with Emulation layer (So they should run)

Proven ARM64 compability (So they could have official ARM64 builds)
  • PuTTy (2016 version)
  • 7zip (2016 version)
  • Python (2016 version)
Credits for the XDA-Community for this part ( https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2092348 )
  • TightVNC
  • Notepad++
  • Unikey
  • Crystalboy
  • ClassicStartMenu
  • DOSBox
  • SumatraPDF
  • Rainmeter
  • OpenSSL
  • MikTeX
  • Greenshot
  • SharpDevelop
  • Synergy
  • Filezilla
  • Lua
  • Subversion
  • AutoHotkey
  • Paint.NET
  • TeXStudio

No x86 or ARM64 binaries
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Fujistu Scansnap

Software were AArch64 binaries release is being discussed/considered/planned

Unofficial ARM64 binaries

Older games, if they have x86 binaries or don't need OpenGL higher then 1.1, should be able to run on the Pro X. (If they run smoothly is another story)
The Steam Client should be able to run on the Pro X, but your mileage may vary with the Steam library.
Any "newer" games that definitely run on ARM devices will be listed here.
  • Minecraft
  • Plague Inc.
  • GTA: San Andreas
Any "newer" games that may run on ARM devices will be listed here, but it has to be confirmed
  • Undertale
  • Roblox
  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • Farming Simulator 18/16/14
  • Hollow Night
Proven ARM64 compability (So they could have official ARM64 builds)
Credits for the XDA-Community for this part ( https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2092348 )
  • Quake 2
  • Quake
  • ioQuake3
  • OpenTTD

This list isn't complete, help by expanding it.
/surfaceprox List
submitted by filipe_mdsr to Surface

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