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Deus Ex (2020) - Speech, upped by nestlesux.

The Crew INSTANT FINISH Trainer (All Versions) [PC]

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Forget the Math, Remember the Player: How to get new players to join, stick around, and want to keep playing.

I want you to imagine a different Planetside 2. One in which Valve made it, instead of SOE.
No, I'm not talking about microtransactions, or money, or Steam integration. I'm talking about the way Valve understands that games are teaching engines.
Games must clearly communicate to the player. Games must shape the expectations of the player, and then reward those expectations. Every moment where a player doesn't know what to do, is a moment of failure for your game.
The cry from new players has been loud, and clear:
"I don't understand what's going on. I don't understand how I died. I don't understand what I should do to avoid this happening again. I don't understand this game."
So to Day Break Games, and to the community as a whole, let's speak the abhorrent truth:
Game balance is not important, compared to the need for clarity for new players.
You can have a broken, imbalanced game, that still retains people who want to play it. Better yet, having all those people retained means you can afford to fix more things.
So, DBG? Halt all development on new content. Right now. Yeah. I'm serious. Stop it. Put the code and the art and the sound and the beers down.
Rebuild the tutorial.
Burn it to the goddamned ground. And then rebuild it.
Indoctrinate the new player. Thoroughly. Make sure that they can jump into the game and then return to the tutorial at any time. Make sure they know that. Make sure you clearly show them, in a prominent place, where to go to learn more.
  • Make a tutorial about basic movement.
  • Now make a tutorial about vehicle movement.
  • Now make a tutorial about aircraft movement.
  • Now make a tutorial about guns.
  • Now make a tutorial about the effective range of engagement of those guns.
  • Now make a tutorial about grenades, the various kinds, their effects, what happens when they stack, and how teamwork can mix and match a flurry of grenades to suit the needs of the tactical stitation.
  • Now make a tutorial about mines, the various kinds, how to spot them, where clever players hide them, etc.
  • Now make a tutorial about hitting moving targets, and bullet drop.
  • Now make a tutorial about squads, platoons, and outfits.
  • Make a tutorial about the maps, how to use it, how to change it, how to find out where the fights are, and where your teammates are at.
Make sure all of these tutorials are VOICED, and not just text. Make sure that they are clear, simple, and fast to complete, and repeatable. Make sure the player can revisit that tutorial at any time, and return to the game.
  • Make a tutorial that shows players the differences between abilities on various vehicles, for all 3 factions.
  • Make a tutorial on infiltrators.
  • Put a wall in it, showing infiltrators at various levels of cloak, side by side, so that the player can look at, grasp, and understand, how easy or hard to spot they will be from a distance. 
  • Make sure there's a BIG CLEAR SIGN over them that communicates to the player: "CLOAKED INFILTRATORS". 
  • Have smaller signs that say simple, clear things, like: "Crouched Stalker", "Sprinting", etc. 
In the Outfits screen, give the Outfits a social area, in-game, to communicate. Not just the icon of the Outfit and the name, but give us fields like:
  • "Who we recruit:"
  • "What we specialize in:"
  • "What you need to know when you play in our outfit:"
  • A place to display some audio, or better yet video, that would let an outfit leader communicate about their outfit, and why the player should join in.
  • A button to flag this information as inappropriate, because you're going to need that.
And that's it, DBG. You live or die by your new player attraction and retention, now, and you know it. And you're probably already far too late and far too gone to recover. But if you can, this is it. This is your roadmap.
I hope you heed it. Planetside 2 can be a great game, but it can only be that great game once people understand it.
submitted by BalusBubalis to Planetside

Looking for a planetside 2 trainer (Connery)

Friend has been having tons of trouble doing much related to infantry (TR).
He's not bad with ground vehicles, good as an air gunner but a not so great flyer (understandable, he says it's because of the games weird flight controls).
Mostly looking for infantry help to get him better, I'm not the greatest trainer so willing to look on here.
He's gotten to the high 20's for BR, played for a few years on other characters too (not much game time on each character).
Really appreciate the community and will love to see his growth through accruals training.
submitted by Moosenator-ator to Planetside

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