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NR2003 Getting Started Guide - 2020 Update

Some of the most commonly asked questions on this sub are from users trying to get the game installed and working on their PC or laptop for the first time, or the first time in many years. These are exactly the kind of people we need to be encouraging. As without new users, support for the game will eventually dwindle and end. So here are the most commonly asked questions on this sub and hopefully the most useful answers. If anyone has anything they think should be added, whether it's a recurring question or a good answer, please let us know in the comments.
  1. Do I need to buy the CD-ROM to play the game?
No the game is now considered abandonware and you can safely download it for free.

  1. Where can I download the game and how do I install it?
You can find a detailed tutorial by u/TheBenCrazy, including links to everything you'll need to download, here:
Here is a good video on how to install downloaded mods and tracks:

  1. Where can I download up to date cars?
There are a wealth of mods for lots of different racing series including up to date Cup and Xfinity cars and 2020 paint schemes and rosters. There are plenty of active websites, but as a starting point you're best to start here:
With that said, Splash n Go, who created the 2017, 2018 qand 2019 Cup mods as well as some excellet early 2000s mods, have now shuttered their website. Currently the links on the above site still point to their site, but you can now find all of their work at Stunod Racing:

  1. Where can I download up to date tracks?
Again there are lots of websites putting out updated real and fictional tracks, the best starting place would be here:

  1. Where can I download 2020 paint schemes or find a particular paint scheme?
Most of the content being churned out for the game is paint schemes. It's something a lot of cmmunity members are in to and the one area you'll see the most productivity in. Once again there are countless websites to find schemes and complete carsets going all the way back to the 1950s. The most popular sites are below:

  1. Why do I need to create an account on some websites? All I want to do is download some cars/mods!
There have been some instances in the past of spammers and trolls attacking websites withing the NR2003 community, so for that and other reasons, some sites will require you to create an account before you download anything. It's free to do and if you're concerned about privacy I'd suggest using a burner email address and not using any of your contact information on a site you don't trust. Like Reddit, it's possible to be completely anonymous and still abide by the straightforward rules set out by these sites. On that topic, we've had a few users stating they tried to create a new account on places like Stunod and were banned because they already had an account and had forgotten their username or password. Rather than forcing a site to ban you, I'd encourage you to contact their admin team and see if you can update your password or obtain your previous username.

  1. The search function on NNRacing doesn't work, how do I find anything on their?
This one gets asked a lot, but it's very simple. Using Google search for whatever you'e trying to find and add the modifier "site: nnracing,com" to the end of your search query. So rather than typing "Greg Sacks 1990 Slim Fast" into the NNRacing search box and getting nowhere, typing "Greg Sacks 1990 Slim Fast site:nnracing.com" into Google will get you there. This trick applies to all sites and all search queries, so if you're ever struggling to find something for the game, Google is your friend!

  1. The graphics look fuzzy and with the new mods my FPS is laggy, what can I do?
This is something u/TheBenCrazy did an excellent job of addressing in the following video:
I'd actually encourage everyone to go through these steps, even if you aren't yet having any issues with lag or FPS

  1. What do I use to paint my own schemes?
There are lots of different ways to go about painting your own schemes, the simplest way is to download some templates, base schemes, sponsor logos and numbers and use free software like GIMP to put it all together in your own creation. You can download GIMP here:
The learning curve with GIMP isnt too steep, but here's a good video guide to getting started:

  1. Where do I find random miscellanous utility, update, template, base scheme, tweak, thingamybob, whudjamacallit?
Here's a big list of sites with NR2003 resources, listing them here is not an endorsement or recommedation, but they pretty much have everything you could ever be seeking for the game:
http://www.fsbracing.com/Downloads-Archive.html with thanks to u/DeFormed_Sky
http://www.fsbracing.com/downloads.html (Thanks to u/DeFormed_Sky for this one)
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I'd encourage users to suggest additional sites where good NR2003 content can be found.

  1. Why are Discord links removed so often?
Again due to previous instances of spammers and trolls, we now manually approve all posts on this sub. We also check each Discord link before approving it. If your Discord is a place for racing NR2003 online then it will be approved. If it's negative, exclusionary or contains abusive language or hate speech, it will be deleted and you run the risk of having your account banned from the sub. Hopefully that's transparent enough.

  1. How do I edit physics or change the way the cars drive/tracks grip?
This question tends to open a can of worms, but it's an interesting topic within the community. One of our mods u/RaceReady78 is particularly passionate about physics and always happy to discuss. If you're just looking for updates to download, try here:

  1. I downloaded some cars and they aren't showing up in my game, what am I missing?
You'll need the physics swapper for this. Carfiles will be assigned a physics type (Cup, GNS, CTS or PTA) by their creator and if that doesn't match the one of the mod you've added them to you need to change the carfile. Keep in mind if the carfile wasn't designed for the mod you're using the car will not look right in game anyway. But if you run the MENCS19 mod with CTS physics, you'll need to spend some time swapping your carfiles from Cup each time you download any. As that is by far the most common physics used for the MENCS19 mod. You can download the physics swapper here:
The file you want is the second link from the bottom.

  1. I can't figure out setups or my car is undriveable. What can I do?
This is a sim, so the cars are not easy to drive, nor are they straightforward to setup. All the original tracks have some default setups built in, but even these may not suit your driving style or your input device. As a starting point here's a good tutorial video from u/noid22 and a link to a setup matrix that should help you figure things out:

There will absolutely be things I've overlooked or missed here, but this will be a WIP sticky post and again I'd encourage any users with suggstions to let us know.
Thank you all for being a part of this sub and the wider NR2003 community, you are what keep this 17 year old racing sim alive and I and many others greatly appreciate it!
submitted by CodKazuo9 to Nr2003

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