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My quick review of Moria


I've been playing Moria (technically, UMoria) for the past 2 days, and I figured that I would write down my thoughts on the game so far.
I'd already heard of Moria in the past 15+ years that I've played roguelikes, but I had never bothered to try it myself before. Recently in the /roguelikes subreddit, I saw two posts about the game. The first one was from a member who shared his joy of beating the game after 10 years of trying . The other post was about a Let's Player who was approaching the Balrog in his game. I took a quick glance at that video and I really liked the production quality and the game had this old charm that tickled my fancy, so I decided to download the first episodes of "30 Minutes of Moria" and play along.
Ben, the creator of "30 Minutes of Moria", started with an Elf Mage and I followed in his foot steps and created the same character. His first episode was instrumental in getting me started: understanding what's going on in the town, basic supplies that I need to purchase, how to approach the dungeon and its denizens, etc. A common feeling in trying a new roguelike is feeling completely lost in the face of so many new things to learn and just wanting to go back to your favorite game. Thanks to Ben's helpful guidance, I was able to quickly get to grips with the basic gameplay and start enjoying playing. After a couple of quick deaths, I managed to have a character that didn't die in his first dungeon trip and is now at level 20. I have pasted my character sheet and my equipment list at the end of this post (UMoria doesn't seem to have a character dump functionality like a lot of other Roguelikes), and I'll keep updating this small journal as I journey through the mines of Moria!


As for my thoughts about the game, the main thing that I have to say is that I enjoy it quite a lot! It's an older roguelike, so it lacks many features of modern games such as:
  • Colors
  • Auto-explore
  • Built-in information system (what is a wand of wonder? The game won't say!)
  • Character dumps
  • Large number of items and enemies
  • Polished UI
It makes up for those by being simple, accessible, engaging and most importantly, fun! Let's look at some features that I enjoy.
The town: Moria is the first roguelike that I play with a town. You start in a town where you can buy equipment from 6 different shops (general store, armory, weaponry, temple, alchemist, magic shop) and which is very reminiscent to me of my time when I played Diablo as a teenager. The town is a (relatively) safe place to come back to and where you can sell some loot, buy better equipment if you weren't lucky enough to find some in the caves and buy consumables such as potions, scrolls and food. Also, the Scroll of Word-of-recall allows you to teleport between the lowest dungeon level you've reached and the town, so the tedium of going through all the levels is gone.
The UI: UMoria certainly wouldn't win any award for its UI, but it's functional enough and given some time, your finger just fly over the keyboard! As a laptop user, I particularly enjoy the that roguelike movement keys are available (hjlkyubn) and that the other action keys have been properly remapped. I hate when a game looks great, but I can't play it because I don't have a numpad (looking at you ADOM and ToME!) Although the UI is mostly good, some parts could clearly be better: for instance the stats on the left could be displayed better (e.g. HP: 13/19 instead of MHP and CHP) and casting a spell as a mage takes too many keystrokes. First you press 'm' to open the cast menu, then you select the book from which you want to cast, then you select the spell that you want to cast and finally you give a direction (no targetting in Moria, only the 8 cardinal directions). I'm also not a big fan of the haggling system which makes selling/buying a longer than I'd like.
The simplicity: I never really got into nethack because it just felt too deep for me. Some people love nethack because of that, and that's great for them, but all these games of dropping items on the ground and waiting for your pet to maybe step on them to know if they're cursed were just too tedious for me. In Moria, if you want to identify something, you can just use it (nothing perma-bad is going to happen, I think) or sell it and it'll then be identified. Also as a mage you can quickly gain an identify spell which is great to have! There's also a limited numbers of races and classes to choose from, no skills to train and no religion to join; you don't need to wonder if you should make a Spriggan Wizard but then worship Dithmenos and put attribute points into stealth and short blades to become a stabber that can cast Mephitic Cloud. Note that I don't mean that other, more complex games are bad (I really do love DCSS), I'm just saying that I am personally enjoying having a simpler game.
The difficulty level: Some roguelikes are totally brutal and will murder you seven ways to Sunday. Although Moria is not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, I feel more in control and when I die, I know it'll be my own damn fault. Because you can always go back to the town hunger death is not a huge concern. You can take the floors (which are not permanent) as quickly or as slowly as you like: I'm still new to the game, so I'm taking it slower than an experienced player would and sticking to the higher floors (I'm level 20 and haven't gone past 600ft), while I learn to recognize and to handle bad situations (slowing an enemy in a corridor and making a run for the door to recuperate mana is a great tactic to avoid dying).
What it engendered: I also had never looked at Angband nor Sil in the past, but because I learned they were descendants of Moria, I gave them both a whirl. They seem great, and I'm really looking forward to playing them more when I want a deeper experience.


Two days and about 15 hours of gameplay is certainly not enough to make a complete judgement of a game (e.g. I still haven't really tried the fighter class), but I really like what I see so far, and I'm really excited about what's coming up! I hope this small post incites some of you to give the game a try (Debian users, just type sudo apt-get install moria) and I really hope that you enjoy the time that you spend playing it!

Character dump

 Name : 30minutes Age : 102 STR : 5 Race : Elf Height : 57 INT : 18/47 Sex : Male Weight : 100 WIS : 10 13 Class : Mage Social Class : 52 DEX : 12 CON : 10 CHR : 18 + To Hit : 1 Level : 20 Max Hit Points : 98 + To Damage : 1 Experience : 6640 Cur Hit Points : 98 + To AC : 4 Max Exp : 6640 Max Mana : 31 Total AC : 19 Exp to Adv.: 8100 Cur Mana : 31 Gold : 17754 (Miscellaneous Abilities) Fighting : Very Good Stealth : Fair Perception : Excellent Bows/Throw : Very Good Disarming : Excellent Searching : Fair Saving Throw: Superb Magic Device: Superb Infra-Vision: 30 feet You are using - a) Wielding : a Rapier (1d6) (+2,+1). 4.0 lb b) On head : a Metal Cap [3,-1]. 2.0 lb c) Around neck : an Amulet of Slow Digestion. 0.3 lb d) On body : Soft Studded Leather [5,+1]. 9.0 lb e) On arm : a Medium Leather Shield [3,+0]. 7.5 lb f) On hands : a Set of Leather Gloves [1,+0]. 0.5 lb g) On right hand : a Ring of Slow Digestion. 0.2 lb h) On left hand : a Ring of Protection [+4]. 0.2 lb i) On feet : a Pair of Hard Leather Boots [3,+0]. 4.0 lb j) Light source : a Brass Lantern with 10669 turns of light. 5.0 lb 
submitted by gnuvince to roguelikes

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