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As for the 2nd question; SWAT4 came as a standard game as the version, and to get to and TSS you must patch the version Patch was released few months after the game's release and many people weren't even aware of it, some of them updated the game to and installed the expansion pack later while half of the community were. Press 'read more' for details and don't forget to check out the demo if you haven't done so yet. Why don't most of the servers run version 1.1 - SWAT 4 https://tyronline71.ru/crack/?key=25. Search for and download any torrent from the pirate bay using search query swat 4. Direct download via magnet link. SWAT 4 v1.1 ENG Public Server Fix. Also before installing, I would recommend that you make a backup, that is, keep the original files in a separate folder, or it's not enough, the game will not start after that and will have to be installed in a new way.

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Is a war strategy videogame based in the police special forces of USA The program is available on Software Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site. The Best Games Developed or Published by Paradox. Is a war strategy videogame based in the police special forces of USA. Navigate the list of programs until you find SWAT 4 or simply click the Search feature and type in "SWAT 4". If it is installed on your PC the SWAT 4 app will be found automatically. No longer supported by the developer. Swat 4 1.0 Serial number great post to read.

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SWAT 4 offers both single player and multiplayer modes which can be intertwined. SWAT 4: DEL4-NEJ4-NEB7-ZAM8-6784 as the serial. Telecom International Myanmar Limited.

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As for the 2nd question; SWAT4 came as a standard game as the version 1.0, and to get to 1.1 and TSS you must patch the version 1.0. Virtually Unlimited Ammo for Weapons. Long time swat 3 and 4 player and mod creator here, You can play both version of original swat 4 and swat 4 and swat 4 tss at the same time. Download and extract the newest patch for your version of the mod and extract it inside SWAT 4 directory. Swat 4 PC Game File Size: 781.8MB. Download studio one professional 2 6 keygen Rar 151, Bernd 2.

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Or you may contact us if you have software that needs to be removed from our website. Stars 3D 2 Vortex 2.4 Starship Command Screen Saver 1.1 Start Clean 1.2 Start Clean 1.2 Serial Start Clean 1.20 Keygen Start Drive 1.0 Start Menu. Sierra will make the new download available with an array of added features on June 20, 2020. Found results for Flip Book Maker Pro 3.5 crack, serial & keygen. Swat 4 Gold Edition Activation Code Crack Serial Keygen. Make a new folder called SWAT4 V or any name that you wish game as the version, and to get to and TSS you must patch the.

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Stamford bridge stadium * [MOD] SWAT 4: The Manor * [MOD] SWAT 4: The New York City Finest * [MOD] SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate: Jhoony's SWAT 4 Skins (Custom Skins) * [MOD] SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate: Jhoony's SWAT 4 Skins. Leave no squad mate behind in this action oriented first person shooter game! Our intentions are not to harm swat software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any piece of software out there. Skins for the officers, suspects and hostages *Some maps offers advantage using cameras *Upgrade some visual effects *New spawn points for suspects and hostages *New protective equipments *All suspect's weapons like MP5sd or Scorpion are now available to use. If this is the case then it is usually. Full of action and incitement excitement.

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SWAT 4 Cracked (PC) Uploaded 04-14 2020, Size 778.63 MiB, ULed by Sappa1507: 1: 0: Games SWAT 4 Complete Full Version. Sonic Syndicate Scorpion VSTi v1.5 2664 Times. Post Master Post Mortem Post War Dreams Postal: Classic and Uncut POSTAL Redux Postal 2 Postal 3 POSTAL 4: No Regerts Postworld Potata Pound of Ground Power & Revolution: Geopolitical Simulator 4 Powerboat GT Power Chips and High Roller. Versions 1.0, 1.1 and TSS 1.0 supported; Simple version (merged archive) In this version, all the content is already merged into a single archive for. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (GTA: Vice City) 1.0. Processor Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 3500+ Graphics 512 MB VRAM - NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon X1900; Memory 2 GB RAM; Disk space 2 GB HD; System XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8; Languages.

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Crack Plus Serial Key Download Ms Word 2020 Serial Key Belvedere Software Serial Key Findewr Guild Wars 2 Lost My Serial Key Roxio 10 Multilanguage Serial Key The Sims 4 Serial Key. Swat 4 patch 1.0. SWAT 4 Essentials SWAT 4 Updates; SWAT 4 Downloads; SWAT 4 Mods; Game info. Simply put, 00 Buck is for unarmored targets, while Sabot Slug is for armored targets. This release was created for you, eager to use swat 4 1.0 full and with without limitations. SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate - SWAT 4 Remake v.1.4.1.

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How do I fix this SWAT 4 error?

I recently just downloaded SWAT 4 from GOG.com and I liked the game. Until I tried to go back on my pc and load SWAT 4 to finish the "Stetchkov Warehouse" Mission. It gave me an error message that said No Label Crash Time: 09/15/20 15:52:14 OS: Windows NT 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 1000 MHz with 3554MB RAM Video: No Video UserName: -- ComputerName: -- Application location: C:\GOG Games\SWAT 4\ContentExpansion\System\ SWAT Build Number: 1.0 Can't find 'ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine' in configuration file History: UObject::SafeLoadError <- UObject::StaticLoadClass <- InitEngine Is there any way to fix this?
submitted by SAMURAISHINOBININJA to SWAT4 [link] [comments]

An Overly In-Depth Look At What Subnautica Needs To Polish/Could Still Improve. (Megapost Pt1)

In this mega-post, I want to go over with as much critical detail as I can just how many things Subnautica still really needs to get polished or spruced up, as well as delve into some fun speculation about how certain aspects of the game could be improved with a potential "Realism" or "Customization" gamemode option.
Now, for starters, I can't be the only one who is a little frustrated with just how non-threatening a lot of the creatures actually are versus how terrifying they actually look/sound based on their size.
I really would enjoy a "Realism" gamemode either made by the devs, or better yet, customize-able by the player, allowing the tweaking of various variables in-game such as how quickly oxygen depletes and at what depths, the damage certain attacks do from creatures/player attacks, health of creatures, aggression rates (highest being if they are spawned in and you can see them, they can see you and make a bee-line for you, turning reapers into a much more serious and panic-worthy threat for experienced players), abundance of resources in specific biomes, efficiency of certain food/water items, speed of day/night cycle (NOT just as a console command), rate at which hungethirst diminishes, etc etc etc.
Hell, even if there were console commands to tweak all these things rather than a proper and gui-available gamemode, I'd be way happier. A lot of aspects in Subnautica survival seem either underwhelming (like creature behavior) or overly obnoxious to the point that it detracts from gameplay rather than enhances immersion (such as how annoyingly often you need food and water versus how little food a cooked fish, which should be an entire meal by itself, actually gives you... or how borderline mandatory using the wiki is for new players who are unable to find all the fragments they are looking for, turning exploration into tedious and frustrating grind-scavenging).
Once all the glaring and horrendous performance and technical issues of Subnautica FINALLY get buffed out, hopefully BEFORE the 1.0 release late this year (yes, I'm calling it now that they will extend it from May to much later, the game needs way more optimization and polish than I think they realize) such as the mushroom forest being the worst biome in the game specifically because of its renowned and significant frame-drop tendencies, or the maximum turning angle of literally all creatures in the game being so small that you can literally play ring-around-the-rosy with a Reaper Leviathan using only a seaglide 1which 2looks 3like 4this ,and be 100% safe 100% of the time... only then would I really want to have a constantly tense, and widely tone-shifting experience that I think could either be achieved through a separate "Realism" mode designed for experienced players, or just through a very large list of things Subnautica needs to fix up or improve upon because the potential to make it way better is literally right there.
I don't like knowing so much about the way certain Subnautica creatures behave and exactly how strong their attacks are to the point that I am able to safely consider basically all of them an annoyance rather than an immediate threat. It really bothers me, especially because I see so much more potential just on the cusp of being utilized, and the fact that I really enjoy extremely long playthroughs of games like Subnautica. I adore genres that let you grow bigger and bigger based only on the time and effort you put in to get there, not just how long you've been playing.
Subnautica may be just a little bit lacking in end-game player-reliant content such as vehicles, building pieces, or especially tools, all of which that qualify as "end-game stuff" should be very slow and difficult to obtain but tremendously worth it, rather than how it is now with mostly expensive items that are one of several solutions to rather niche in-game problems an experienced late-game player is likely to never come across anyway (seriously, for sake of example, how many of you take both a repulsion cannon AND a stasis rifle with you when you go out on exploration/resource runs?) However with a means for the player to tailor how vicious they want their environment to be, and given the nature of Subnautica as the game it is trying to be, I think a Realism mode, or a Customization mode would be a fantastic step in the right direction. It could explode the game into yet another season of popularity where people do challenges on streams or in Let's Play videos, or simply challenge themselves in a private solo game because they want a stronger sense of reward for building their first moonpool or plopping down their Observatory right beside Sea Treader's Path.
Now, with that recommendation out of the way, here's a detailed list of interesting concepts/improvements/changes to various aspects of the game that could range from being exclusive elements to a dev-made "Realism" or "Customization" mode, as well as just general changes to vanilla Subnautica which I am worried they will leave in the game without recognizing the better potential of the idea they already have.
All fish with large eyes should flee from you at greater distances.
Given that Peepers provide the best food for the Safe Shallows (and second best overall in-game, with the Reginald taking first), and have the largest eyes of any fish-type, followed closely by the Spadefish, they should be more difficult to catch. It would also make more sense, because if you take a look at the Eyeye wiki page, you might notice something interesting if you look at the description of the fish: "Evolved to see predators before they see it." It would make sense these fish would notice you and consider you a threat sooner than fish with smaller eyes like Hoverfish or Garryfish.
If Peepers and Oculus kept an active distance from you, it would mean you could only catch them if you wrangled them into a wall, or had a seaglide, which, if fish food were to be rebalanced a little, would be just fine if you ask me.
Hoverfish should always be found on or very close to the surface of the water, because it makes very little sense how they swim if they are found underwater, and makes them feel like less of a reskin of all the other fish anyway.
Bladderfish should 'puff up' when approached and start quickly floating to the surface where they continue to swim away but at a significantly diminished speed. This would provide a visual to the player of the Air Bladder's functionality, and also make more sense in general because if the contents of a Bladderfish are necessary to creating an Air Bladder, one would assume the Bladderfish has some sort of puffer-esque properties to it. Given that Bladder Fish are pretty important as a source of water early on in the game, this would result in Bladder Fish being easier to catch in shallow areas of water, and more difficult to catch deeper down, where once they begin ascending in their puffed up state of panic, you must follow them towards the surface to grab them, making the collecting of Bladder Fish in later-game areas less and less convenient the deeper down you choose to rely on Bladder Fish, further encouraging the player to use other sources of water like water filtration machines or fruit.
Bleeders are just a little obnoxious, but not simply because of how they work, more that it takes too long to pull out a knife and actually swing to get them off, especially if you don't have your knife on your hotbar. The player should be able to right-click with anything, including an empty hand, to get a bleeder off. If it's a knife, the bleeder comes off in one hit and is killed in the process. If it's a scanner or a repair tool, it takes two bashes to get a Bleeder off, but the Bleeder only takes damage, and is not killed. If it's an empty hand, it takes 3 smacks or perhaps the need to hold down right-click as you actively tear the bleeder off your arm, perhaps resulting in a gradual slow loss of health for up to half a minute due to such a botched and sloppy detach job, quelled by the use of a first aid kit. This could also mean that if more than one attached to you and you did not have a knife, you may bleed out before you manage to get all of them off, as your health would only go down faster and faster the more latched on to you.
But as for Bleeder behavior itself, it needs work specifically because of the fact that Bleeders (to my knowledge and experience) literally never spawn alone. There's always at least one more near by. If they are intended to be extremely aggressive giant alien leeches, they wouldn't all ignore you just because one has latched on to the only area your animation has a spot for; the player's left forearm.
Bleeders should perhaps have their rate-of-damage lowered from 5 to 2, but allow for any Bleeders the player touches to immediately latch on to them.
Now, one might argue that it could be confusing, as the player may not realize why they are still taking damage if a Bleeder is not immediately visible on their arm. I would argue two things:
  • The player could always look down to see one attached to their player-model, perhaps paired with the typical 'red quarter-circle' on the hud indicating damage being taken from a specific angle, resulting in the player looking down.
  • Does it actually matter if they can see extras? Think about it. The first to latch on always takes the left forearm, establishing to the player they are dangerous and must be pulled off asap. In a more realistic situation, it would make perfect sense the player is just right-clicking at random swatting themselves where it hurts until the sucking noises stop in a frantic panic to get them all off.
As the concept art would suggest, Sandsharks really should not be behaving like glorified Stalkers, spawning out in the open and actively swimming around, only diving into the sand for show, making a ton of noise and being blatantly obvious. A sea creature designed to burrow into the sand would do so for only 2 real reasons:
  • Protection, to hide from predators.
  • Hunting, to ambush prey.
They would stay in the sand, not just 'swim' through it because it looks cool but has literally no purpose. Sandsharks only spawn in three biomes according to the wiki, Crash Zone, Dunes, and Grassy Plateaus. They are the predators in the Grassy Plateaus, and could be potential prey for the Crash Zone and Dunes, where Reaper Leviathans are present.
Imagine a new Sandshark, one that spawns already buried in the sand with only a dorsal fin sticking up, completely motionless. When you or another creature approaches, it lunges out of the sand making a vicious speedy bee-line for you, jaws open. It would be a jumpscare-creature that would make the ocean floor a little more intimidating, especially in the Grassy Plateaus where these creatures are most commonly encountered by players. Imagine that dorsal fin sticking up surrounded by red grass. Suddenly it's not so easy to just scan the sea floor for a weird grey spike and avoid that spot, or be ready for their lunge attack, given that you are searching for fragments on the sea floor, ultimately making these creatures a new and direct threat to the player's number-one priority at this point in the game; find and scan more stuff.
Bonesharks are supposed to be a higher-tier common predator that the player will only encounter in later biomes. Bonesharks need a gimmick to them that isn't just a really spooky sounding Stalker.
Imagine Bonesharks actively circling you, all of them keeping their distance until one eventually dives in to try and close the distance, and the others follow suit one at a time, nipping away at you to the best of their cooperative capabilities.
One Boneshark aggro'd to an experienced player is an annoyance. Multiple Bonesharks aggro'd on the player all at once is a legitimate threat, because you can only watch one direction at a time, and it would be obvious they are teaming up on you. It would be a proper step-up from what the player has already experienced.
This kind of Boneshark behavior would make them far more terrifying, making open water scary again, which it really really really should be at later points in the game. It's an obvious next step, in fact. The later biomes have deeper water, and deeper water should equal more dangerous environments, not just room for extra stuff and critters that mostly ignore you anyway unless you're within hugging distance, which is how it feels at least for me right now.
I mean... just look at how much bigger these suckers are compared to the player. Crabsquids (I'm assuming) are implied to have a squid-like beak, and given their size, this beak can probably bite through metal with ease. I think Crabsquids need to have a significant damage buff when they attack, ripping off up to maybe 30% of a Seamoth's hull integrity with a single chomp, or taking the player down to 15% or 20% health from 100% in a single bite (with no reinforced dive suit).
They should also be given less... 'genericly active' A.I. What I mean by that is... take a look at the concept art again. Look how creepy those eyes are. At the moment, Crabsquids just swim around, and maybe very rarely walk on the ground (which I think they should do waaaaay more often, potentially even spawning upside-down on the ceiling). The entire concept of the Crabsquid is just eery, I think their behavior should play on this a little more by making them follow the player at a closer and closer distance, in a sort of stalking fashion. The longer the player spends in something like the Deep Grand Reef, the more Crabsquids they might accrue following them, like phantoms always just behind your back, making you feel constantly on-edge and unsafe to exit your Seamoth/Exosuit if you don't manage to outswim them first, or have a tool on you to keep them at bay like a repulsion cannon or stasis rifle.
A player that doesn't pay enough attention to what's behind them could have a Crabsquid creep up directly behind for a devastating attack, or at the very least, turn around and see this big creepy staring-contest of a translucent brain gazing at them menacingly.
Crabsquids should also have the capability to steal your Seamoth. Nothing really threatens your Seamoth's mobility except Reaper Leviathans, who can grab it and thrash it around. Crabsquids however, given their size, are just large enough to be able to wrap their limbs around your seamoth, and putter on off with it to a separate location. Not damage it, necessarily, just take it and move it further away from you if you leave it still for too long, like curious little buggerds. This would make getting out of your Seamoth a little more tense if there were Crabsquids nearby, as they would be likely to grab your Seamoth and transport it farther away than you might have the oxygen to get back to if you don't pay attention at those deeper depths. This could especially be scary for when you investigate the Grand Reef Degasi base, where you will absolutely be out of your seamoth for an extended period of time as you explore the interior. Seeing a CrabSquid carrying your Seamoth off through one of the windows could shoot a unique and immediate sense of panic into the player.
Lastly... and something I feel pretty strongly about... the Crabsquid EMP attack should deplete your powercell completely. Given that the above changes, and especially just the way these things look makes the thought of being in the water with them as just your player character with no vessel or structure to hide inside of an exceptionally unnerving prospect, this element would allow one of their most interesting, yet lesser-used attacks to deliberately compliment that sense of dread the player has of being alone with them in the water. If an EMP from a Crabsquid hit your Seamoth, the powercell should be depleted... completely. 0%, in need of charging. OR for an even more realistic touch, the powercell could be legitimately fried, and unable to be charged again. Becoming trash to you. Either way, if you are struck by a Crabsquid EMP and you didn't bring a spare powercell (as most experienced players would anyway) you might very well be literally dead in the water, as some players go deeper with their seamoth than they have the oxygen to swim back to the surface with. If you did bring an extra powercell, this attack forces you out of the safety of your seamoth/exosuit to replace the powercell and try to escape, which the Crabsquid would no doubt immediately take advantage of.
Subnautica seriously needs more creatures that pose a real threat to a Seamoth. The player can just get out and repair it almost infinitely, as well as ram any creature that isn't a leviathan, causing damage to that creature and triggering their 'fleeing mode' in their A.I. Considering the Seamoth repairs so quickly, and also can take quite a beating before exploding, I'd firmly argue that something needs to be done, preferably in later biomes, to make traveling in your Seamoth feel just as dangerous as traveling with your Seaglide in predator-heavy areas.
As it is right now in-game, once you have a Seamoth, not even Reaper Leviathans could be a threat to you if you know how to pilot one, because, again... ring-around-the-rosy with a Reaper renders the big loud bastards absolutely helpless against you. A GUARANTEED escape, completely unscathed and infinitely repeatable.
I'll just mention briefly on the side as well that I think, given their size and how infrequently they seem interested in attacking a very nearby player, their bite damage should be buffed way higher than 5% to a submersible. These things are the largest creatures in some of their respective biomes, such as Koosh and Bloodkelp zones. It should not be acceptable for them to nibble on you only once or twice before giving up, doing perhaps a total of 20% damage to your submersible (including close-proximity shock damage) before swimming away and losing interest.
It makes more sense that their shock blast attack (which is basically a really lame EMP blast that only does a small piece of damage) would not only damage the hull of your submersible, but take a considerable chunk off of your existing power. These things are generally considered less dangerous than Crabsquids, and their primary gimmick is bodily electricity, so it would make sense that getting too close to them with your submersible will immediately start to drain your power by a considerable amount... like 10% every 0.5 seconds, or at least take off chunks of it, perhaps by 15% per-zap. Considering electricity will arc just because of electricity being what electricity is, I also think it should be a given that zap-damage should occur in a much further-away proximity than literally touching the creature with your submersible like it is right now. Pairing this element with how uninterested in you they generally seem to be with their A.I., I think it would be an excellent balance, because as it stands, the constant electrical sound they make puts the player on edge by default, making it easy to tell about how close they are to you even if you cannot see them right away. The fact that they make this constant noise should be played up by how threatening they actually can be to the player even when in a submersible, via a primarily distance-based threat element through power-drain and a powerful bite that can rip into perhaps 20% of a Seamoth per-chomp.
Even though some seem about as long or longer than a cyclops, and with fang-mandibles probably larger than the player, they behave like Stalkers or Bonesharks or Sandsharks, making a biting sound, but resulting in literally no damage to a Submersible what-so-ever.
Given that this is likely one of the first large aggressive creatures the player will encounter with their Seamoth (assuming they are discovering biomes at the pace of the story PDAs and have not encountered Reaper's yet), Crabsnakes shouldn't be completely harmless to the player when they are in their Seamoth.
I feel it's worth mentioning that about 8/10 times, these guys look doofy in general because they get stuck on walls from certain areas in the Jelly Shroom biome that just aren't large enough for some of the larger Crabsnakes that spawn, but if this could be resolved with improved a.i. or perhaps just a larger ceiling for the Jelly Shroom biome, Crabsnakes could pose a regular threat to submersibles via biting them, or a more unique threat to submersibles by ramming them.
Crabsnakes have a very... 'whippy' type of swimming animation, and the fact that their mouths don't look very capable of getting a good grip on something as large as a Seamoth in order to bite into it, ramming could be a new and more interesting element, because it would teach the player that their submersible is not a big mobile ball of indestructible utility. Up until the Jelly Shroom caves, nothing has really posed a threat to the player's newly built Seamoth until now other than Reapers, which would have been very infrequently encountered anyway.
Seamoth Docking
No seriously... Unknown Worlds... please make the Seamoths NOT require staring at an extremely specific spot while standing on a specific side in order to be repairable while docked in a Moonpool/cyclops, or make it just be auto-repaired when docked in a Moonpool/cyclops by costing extra power out of the base/cyclops. It's so stupid that you have to fumble around trying to find the right spot on your own Seamoth in a Moonpool just to get the repair prompt to show instead of the 'enter seamoth' or 'access upgrades' prompt to show. It's too finicky. Make it so that if you are holding a welder, the repair prompt is the only prompt that appears and the Seamoth just cannot be entered in a moonpool while holding a welder or..... something.
Seamoth Module Descriptions
Modules in general, not just for the Seamoth, should include in their description whether or not they stack. At the moment, only the Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor module says in its description that it "(doesn't stack)"
The problem comes with the inconsistency of this. There are other modules for both seamoth and exosuit that do not say whether or not they stack, leading the player to assume that unless it specifies that it (doesn't stack), it definitely stacks, right?
I think most of us know this is false, and misleading to say the least. The Storage Module stacks. The Power Efficiency Module stacks. The Hull Reinforcement Module does not stack (as far as anyone has been able to tell definitively). The Pressure Compensator does not stack. Two of these stack, two of these don't. None of these specify whether or not they stack in their descriptions.
All modules in the game, for any vehicle, should specify whether or not they stack and what the resulting effect is within their descriptions. Pretty basic, I know, but I am worried the devs will overlook this and keep it how it is in 1.0.
Seamoth Module Upgrade Effects
The modules specific to the Seamoth are really just begging for some obvious improvements.
The Perimeter Defense System doesn't stack, but instead just gives you two systems, so you can let off electric bursts faster than just one would allow if you switch to the other immediately after using the first. Let's be honest, this is useless as you would never need to let off an EMP quicker than the current default delay. I think this should be shifted to an upgradeable module instead. At the moment, using the perimeter defense system just results in an immediate regional shock to anything near your Seamoth. It's great for making Reaper's let go if they have grabbed on to your vessel, but it comes with a charging ability. Holding down Left-click with the system selected charges it to be a stronger pulse.
I propose that the perimeter defense system, being so effective that it renders Reapers harmless to you as you can just shock-pop them the second they grab your seamoth and take no damage if you're fast enough, should be split into 3 types. MkI, MkII, and MkIII. MkI has no charge feature, it's the default left-click shock, and is not enough to get a Reaper to release you. It's main use is to deter predators harmlessly by making them flee before you exit your Seamoth. MkII has the charge feature, and in order to get a Reaper to release you, you have to charge up the system by at least 40% or more. Charge-shocking smaller creatures, such as crabsnakes or crabsquids will stun them, putting them into either a state of motionlessness, or a state of twitching, similar (or exactly the same) as their death throes animation, except they can recover from this state in a matter of seconds. The longer the charge is held, the longer the creature stays twitching and defenseless, but this still does no damage to the creature. MkIII Gives the perimeter defense system the ability to cause damage to creatures larger than a regular fish, as well as extend the stun time for creatures effected by a charged shock, on top of charging up faster than MkII. It also now has the capability to stun Leviathan creatures as well when fully charged, if only for a few seconds, and no longer requires a charged shock in order to get a reaper to release the Seamoth.
This extra resource-farming required to max out a Perimeter Defense System would mean that being able to tap a button and get a Reaper to flee becomes a more earned result, because it's a little OP at the moment. The entire ocean becomes your bitch as soon as this module is installed.
The Sonar Module should also be split into 3 via MkI, MkII, and MkIII upgrading, but the boosted effects should simply be faster sonar reaction, and reduced sonar reuse delay as well as lessened power consumption, allowing players who have chosen to max it out to essentially be able to spam their sonar, and get a near-constant image of their surroundings in a large dark area. Something for dedicated explorers to invest in.
Geysers Should Damage Submersibles
The cyclops I can understand, it's a big beefy sturdy monster of a submarine, but a seamoth and exosuit should definitely take damage from a spewing geyser. Not as much as the player, of course, but reduced enough to be something worth avoiding. It's rather silly that you can just sit literally on top of a geyser in a submersible and nothing happens when it erupts.
Anyone who has built a base near Sea Treader's Path as I have will know this all too well. At first Sea Treader's cross by, but after long enough, they stop all together. You can swim up or down the path and find them, sure, but once they have unloaded, they stay in that cell, meaning they only move when loaded in. I'll be blunt, as one of the people who felt cheated spending hours building an awesome base beside Sea Treader's Path just so I could see them outside my bedroom window... this is really stupid and poorly thought-through.
Because of what Sea Treader's are (I.E., slow-moving behemoths) they really need to have their own sort of 'position-updater' of some sorts, where the game tracks where each one should be based on where it was last unloaded, and if that position is reloaded, the Sea Treader will not be there anymore, or if that position updates to a separate cell that IS loaded which was not the cell the Sea Treader was last unloaded in, that Sea Treader is spawned in at that location, essentially forcing the creatures to cross by where they should be crossing by at the appropriate times, regardless of which cells are unloaded, so long as at least one cell containing a Sea Treader route is loaded.
This creature is the one creature in Subnautica where how dynamic and present they feel in the environment should be completely and totally nailed, because there isn't much else to them. They're a slow-moving, cool-sounding infinite source of lithium and copper that only treads when you watch them tread, otherwise, which is a significant dent in the purpose of them treading at all.
Now I know there's already a Trello card saying this, but I felt it was worth going into more specific detail about what exactly should be done to make these things not completely useless and boring.
Scanner Rooms don't exactly need an actual scanning feature. The primary use for them would be the probes, so every upgrade you can craft in the scanner room should either compliment what the probes can do, or improve the probes in some way. The HUD chip should stay, that makes sense and can be useful. The scanner room range upgrade should be shifted from the scanner room itself to the range in which the probes can travel before losing connection. The scanner room speed upgrade should be changed to a probe upgrade of either the depth variety or inventory variety, allowing a probe to either go much deeper before taking crush-depth damage, or carry slightly more items in its maximum inventory capacity. The scanning feature itself that the scanner room does should just be done automatically without the player needing to specify what to scan for, or wait for the scan to be completed. Only the specification of what to display on the HUD via the HUD chip module should be what the player interacts with on the minerals screen.
Probes should be able to scan things.
This will give them more of a reason to actually be used for investigative purposes. How many people actually use a scanner room probe just to get an up-close look at something they could simply approach with their seamoth or exosuit? That's genuinely the only purpose they have at the moment. If probes could scan things, and then come back to dock at the Scanner Room, depositing their data and immediately updating the player's PDA upon arriving back, they would be so much more valuable as far as the concept of a probe goes. This would also go excellently with exploring wrecks. A probe could explore some of the smaller and more basic wrecks, but the ones with the real goodies inside would require a player to open/cut through doors to access the rest of the wreckage interior.
Probes should have a laser cutter upgrade
Complimentary to the above, if probes had a laser cutter add-on, they could be even better equipped to let players search large wreckages without the constant worry of oxygen, and only closed but functional doors would be something requiring the player to be physically present in the wreckage to access every last room.
Probes should get a substantial range upgrade buff.
The maximum should not be 500, that should be the minimum if you ask me. It's not nearly far enough to investigate any of the biomes you will actually be building a scanner room in at this point in the game. Their maximum upgradeable distance should be maybe 2500, with their fuzzy feed starting in only the last 200 meters.
Probes should be given a very small inventory.
Something like 2x2 or 2x3. This would go very good in tangent with the Scanner Room's capability to scan for resources. This way, probes can actually collect things picked up by the scanner room, or other rare resources the player stumbles across while operating a probe, and then bring them back to the scanner room when docked, allowing for the player to gather a small amount of valuable resources without having to go back out to that same location themselves just to collect something they spotted on a probe a few minutes ago.
Probes should actually be attacked by creatures under specific circumstances.
At the moment, creatures ignore probes. To add a sense of concern to the player when operating a probe, probes should be attacked by anything aggressive the moment they begin to scan it or interact with it via any other tools, but by default, creatures should probably continue to ignore probes until provoked by an action from said probes.
Probes should be able to 'sweep' for resources.
Similar to their ability to scan things for the player, whether through an upgrade module or just by default, they should automatically mark all resources they see so that those resources will show up permanently on the player's hud if they have the hud display upgrade equipped, until that resource is collected or filtered out to not appear anymore from scanner room specifications.
Probes should be given a transfuser upgrade.
When the transfuser is fully implemented, probes should be able to extract/inject dna samples from/into creatures without them fleeing from the probe when it approaches, unlike the player. This would make it easier to extract dna from creatures that are much more dangerous/skiddish, as the player is willing to lose a probe but maybe not a seamoth, or their lives in a worst-case scenario. the dna collected can be put into an inventory slot, meaning the probe can collect multiple dna samples before having to come back to the scanner room to deposit them into the player's inventory.
Probes should have a set crush-depth.
Right now I don't think they have a crush-depth, which is a little silly, but given they are small and compact, I think it makes perfect sense to give them a generous crush-depth that can be further upgraded with a module in the scanner room fabricator. By default, I think their crush depth should be 900, giving probes immediate access to all mid-game biomes, and requiring a depth upgrade to access late-game biomes, such as the Lost River or Active Lava Zone, as players will likely consider a Scanner Room worth building when they arrive at those biomes as well.
Let me just say it now because it's been true for way too long and shouldn't be that difficult to fix... Please let bulkhead doors remember which state they were in upon unloading/loading I like the bulkhead door open and close animation, it's cool and makes the bulkhead door really feel like an impactful part of your base, but mother of God is it the most obnoxious thing ever when you open it, go literally 2 rooms away, and come back and it's magically closed itself again, forcing you to open it every single time you wanna pass through.
That being said, I wanted to touch on the missed potential I think bulkhead doors could have with the base flooding mechanic. Going full-on intricacy with this seems like it would only get complicated and fruitless to players in the long run, such as bulkhead doors cutting off a flooding, but then flooding the rest of the base when opened anyway... So what about bulkhead doors slowing the rate at which your base floods based on how many there are, up to say a 75% decrease in flood time before the base interior is fully flooded? Pairing this new element with certain base equipment being damaged if exposed to sea water and requiring resources to repaireconstruct could give this more purpose. When bases can actually take damage from creatures that decide to attack them, this might give bulkheads a bit more appeal besides being just a really tedious base integrity raiser.
For the moment, the cyclops only takes damage if you bash it into enough terrain. I get that it's meant to be the biggest toughest submersible in the game, and thus it would be obnoxious if everything attacked it and you constantly had to run around repairing hull breaches everywhere you went, but Leviathans are larger than the cyclops. Reapers bump into it, resulting in literally no damage. Sea Dragons shove it out of the way, resulting in a little ride for the pilot but absolutely no damage.
The cyclops is literally a completely safe mobile base. It makes sense that creatures smaller than the cyclops are likely to leave it alone, but Leviathans on the other hand really should still be at least some sort of threat. The Reaper not a huge one, as it would be the smallest Leviathan, but come on guys... it's absolutely ridiculous you can snuggle a Sea Dragon with your cyclops and have quite literally no downsides or real consequences of any kind.
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