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HP Data Protector error: [12: 1625] Import host failed. Supported platforms for Data Protector and VMware VDDK component 1, 2, 3 Data Protector versions VMware VDDK component Supported backup / mount proxy operating systems 10.00 VDDK 6.0 U2 Windows Server 2020 R2 (x64) Windows Server 2020, 2020 R2 (x64) 5RHEL 6.6 4, 7.0 (x64), 6 7. About the Author Jim Turner Jim is a multi-disciplined engineering professional with 32 years of electronic and systems experience. Network Operations Manager.

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HP OpenView Data Protector; DP; Bug; BSM; Zombie; OPEN; HP; This issue describes symptoms that occur for ages with HP Data Protector and that may become a critical issue for your if you don't see them. Data Protector offers a broad compatibility with multivendor platforms, applications operating systems, libraries, disks and topologies. Not able to get the data protector patches in the HP patch download site. The upgrade to Data Protector Express 6.0 for 1 Server is available for registered users of Data Protector Express Basic and Data Protector Express Single Server Edition.

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Windows 10 Privacy Fix Tool. The self-help support for Data Protector 8.1x will be continued until June 30, 2020. The update will fix many problems and enhances. I assume if I import the catalog from the tape I need to restore from I will be able to see it.

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Presentation Mode Open Print Download Current View. Features] - Supports VMware ESXi 7.0/vCenter 7.0 - Users can add vCenter host and cluster folders to. Data Protector 1.2 all versions serial number and keygen https://tyronline71.ru/crack/?key=281. More data-driven solutions and innovation from the partner you can trust.

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Key Full Crack 2020 Advanced Systemcare Key Pro Version utilize the windows cleanup feature to scan the personal laptop also significantly increase its performance, removing spyware and malware, corrupted registry entries, along with even unworthy files which utilize space up effortlessly. This issue describes symptoms that occur for ages with HP Data Protector and that may become a critical issue for your if you don't see them. Government under vendor's standard commercial license. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express.

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If you find this list of Data Protector patches helpful, you might also be interested in: The books I have written on HP Data Protector. Another tool of Panda Antivirus Pro is the SOS Disease. AiS Watermark Pictures Protector Keygen Crack Serial. Table 2: Data Protector Virtual Environment Agent platform support.

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For older Data Protector software versions which are lower than DP, Data Protector software manuals are available in PDF format. VMware ESXi 6.5, 6.7, 7.0, and VMware vCenter Server 6.7, 7.0 - Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2020 or 2020. Automated and interactive object verification sessions. Tags (2) Tags: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) Pavilon dv6.

Competitive Weekly Trends (May 10th to May 23rd)

Results are again likely skewed by TI4 qualifiers, mostly the EU and CN ones.
Doom's rise in popularity is probably due to qualifiers - I know Europe and China both love him. Apparition makes a bit of a return after being down for a few weeks post-nerf, and Brewmaster is still on the up.
At the other end of the spectrum, Sand King drops by a third (likely due to regional differences) and Wisp is another hero left by the way side in the Chinese / European qualifiers.
Omniknight, Spirit Breaker, and Ogre Magi were never picked or banned.
Name May 10th to May 16th May 17th to May 23rd Difference
Doom 37.9 61.5 23.6
Ancient Apparition 61.3 78.6 17.3
Brewmaster 33.5 48.7 15.2
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Outworld Devourer 15.7 29.4 13.7
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Visage 13.3 18.7 5.4
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Axe 16.1 20.9 4.8
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Timbersaw 10.1 14.4 4.3
Earthshaker 6.0 10.2 4.2
Pudge 0.8 4.8 4.0
Death Prophet 10.5 14.4 3.9
Slark 19.8 23.5 3.7
Lone Druid 6.0 9.6 3.6
Anti Mage 4.4 8.0 3.6
Wraith King 47.2 50.8 3.6
Faceless Void 6.9 9.6 2.7
Phantom Lancer 1.6 4.3 2.7
Witch Doctor 14.5 17.1 2.6
Natures Prophet 27.0 29.4 2.4
Enigma 6.9 9.1 2.2
Queen of Pain 4.8 7.0 2.2
Bounty Hunter 1.6 3.7 2.1
Bloodseeker 4.4 6.4 2.0
Jakiro 10.5 12.3 1.8
Gyrocopter 8.9 10.7 1.8
Juggernaut 2.0 3.7 1.7
Windranger 4.4 5.9 1.5
Troll Warlord 1.2 2.7 1.5
Drow Ranger 1.2 2.7 1.5
Tusk 2.8 4.3 1.5
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Sven 0.4 1.6 1.2
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Warlock 1.2 2.1 0.9
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Spectre 6.5 7.0 0.5
Leshrac 6.0 6.4 0.4
Lina 1.2 1.6 0.4
Night Stalker 7.7 8.0 0.3
Riki 0.4 0.5 0.1
Chaos Knight 0.4 0.5 0.1
Treant Protector 69.0 69.0 0.0
Necrophos 1.6 1.6 0.0
Spirit Breaker 0.0 0.0 0.0
Batrider 99.2 98.9 -0.3
Crystal Maiden 4.0 3.7 -0.3
Venomancer 4.0 3.7 -0.3
Silencer 2.0 1.6 -0.4
Ogre Magi 0.4 0.0 -0.4
Beastmaster 2.0 1.6 -0.4
Omniknight 0.4 0.0 -0.4
Bristleback 3.2 2.7 -0.5
Morphling 37.9 37.4 -0.5
Phantom Assassin 3.2 2.7 -0.5
Weaver 31.0 30.5 -0.5
Skywrath Mage 2.8 2.1 -0.7
Zeus 1.2 0.5 -0.7
Abaddon 1.2 0.5 -0.7
Undying 3.6 2.7 -0.9
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Ember Spirit 33.1 28.3 -4.8
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Naga Siren 46.8 38.0 -8.8
Dark Seer 66.5 57.2 -9.3
Kunkka 12.1 2.7 -9.4
Shadow Demon 63.7 52.9 -10.8
Tiny 17.7 5.3 -12.4
Luna 29.0 16.6 -12.4
Keeper of the Light 21.4 8.6 -12.8
Shadow Fiend 29.0 15.5 -13.5
Mirana 81.9 68.4 -13.5
Disruptor 31.5 17.1 -14.4
Io 51.2 34.2 -17.0
Sand King 75.8 50.8 -25.0
Hero Pick / ban % Pick / ban % P/B % difference between weeks
Note that data is liable to massive fluctuations depending on where tournaments are happening.
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Company Policy-I am concerned about some terms of employment and I would be grateful if you could advise me.

There are 2 paragraphs that concern me the most. The position is a work at home, Call centre operative. Incoming calls only. The office, laptop, broadband, phone line etc are provided by myself. A phone, headset and USB stick are provided by the company. The company provide a contract, sick pay, holiday pay and 40 hours paid work. I am worried about the second paragraph under Hardware / Software registration regarding my broadband provider and the 3rd paragraph under Working at Home: Confidentiality and Data Protection Here is the full Home Working Policy: Introduction
Employees of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company UK Limited (referred to as “Enterprise”, "we" or the "Company" in this policy) who are required or entitled to work from home are expected to comply with the requirements and guidance set out in this policy as amended from time to time and any other issued home working documents. Employees should confirm that they have read and understood this policy and agree to comply with it, by signing and returning a copy to Human Resources within 14 days of receipt of the policy. If employees do not sign and return a copy to Human Resources they will be deemed to have accepted its terms. This policy sets out extra rules and practices which specifically apply to home working. The general rules in our Personnel Policies and Benefits summary, the Contract of Employment and other matters employees have been trained in or told of, still apply. If employees are unclear about any matter, please refer to the Employee Handbook. This policy does not form part of an employee's terms and conditions of employment with the Company and the provisions of this policy do not have contractual effect. This policy may be replaced, withdrawn or varied at any time with reasonable notification, at the discretion of the Company.
The Departments and Teams referenced below are approved for the recruitment of both new and existing employees on a home working basis. Existing employees can become eligible to apply to work at home based upon the existence of a genuine business need for home working connected to the relevant role and the requirement for the employee to be in ‘good standing’ based on the achievement of performance, conduct and attendance/punctuality criteria as determined by Enterprise Business Support (“EBS”) management. The EBS Group Manager’s decision regarding eligibility will ultimately be final in the event of any disputed applications.
The approved Departments and Teams are:
• Contact Centre Reservations roles • Contact Centre Administrative roles (EMAX / Outsourcing) • DRU Department (Billing and Recoveries Teams only) • Business Management Department (Vehicle Repair Team only)
Application Process
External applicants wishing to be considered to work from home as a new employee should submit an online application for the applicable advertised role. Existing employees wishing to be considered to work from home should submit a written request to their line manager. For people new to home working, one request per 12 month period will be considered unless the employee can show a change in circumstances.
Existing employees of Enterprise making applications for home working from outside of the EBS Group will require originating Group GM and / or Financial Controller endorsement in addition to the other requirements stipulated within the standard intra-company application and transfer process.
Any decisions about home working applications submitted during an employee’s probationary period will normally be held until the end of the probationary period, except in exceptional circumstances.
There is no automatic right for an employee to be a home worker as there may be circumstances when Enterprise may not be able to accommodate a request. However, Enterprise will not refuse an internal request for home working without giving business reasons for doing so. Applications for home working will be sympathetically considered and will subject to management approval.
Home Office Environment
The home office should be free from noise and distractions and provide a suitable environment in which the employee can focus on their work. Employees must ensure that they have adequate care arrangements in place for any dependants who may be at home during work hours.
The home office must meet Health and Safety regulations for lighting and ventilation (as highlighted in the Enterprise Health and Safety Policy on the Hub) and be deemed reasonable in compliance with the Health and Safety Checklist.
This scheme is open to home owners and tenants (please see Home Working: Employee Responsibilities below). Tenants must be able to provide, if requested, written authorisation from the owner / leaseholder to enable them to work from home.
Where the employee is neither home owner nor tenant, there may still be an opportunity to initiate home working. The applicant must provide other proof of long term residency, such as two utility bills, a letter from the home owner or any other evidence of long term residency as requested by Enterprise.
Enterprise retains the right to conduct home visits to check the home office, equipment or hardware. Visits will usually be scheduled at least 7 days in advance for a mutually convenient time but may, at Enterprise's discretion, take place with no prior warning. Where a home visit is deemed to be necessary it will always be conducted by a minimum of two visiting representatives of the Company.
Remote Move Policy
Home workers are required to situate their home office within their default permanent place of residence. In the event of the home worker moving from their current permanent residence the following guidelines should be followed:
  1. Home workers should notify their line supervisor in advance should they be required to move their default permanent place of residence
  2. Home workers are entitled to take up to five unpaid excused days per rolling 12 month period to move and re-establish operational compatibility. Any additional days will fall under the normal attendance and punctuality guidelines or will need Department manager approval. Days off are granted based upon actual business needs and cannot include a holiday.
  3. Home workers are required to request ‘home-moving’ time at least 7 days in advance
Equipment Provision (including Technical Requirements)
Enterprise will supply the following equipment: • Telephone and VOIP Headset with RSA key fob
The employee will be responsible for the provision (either through purchase or rental) of all other equipment required for the proper performance of his/her duties for Enterprise. Required Hardware includes:
• A suitable ‘Home Office’ as set out in the previous section of this policy (including a desk) • A Windows Desktop / Laptop PC • 1 GHZ Processor (minimum of a Pentium 4 processor or equivalent processor running at a clock speed of 2.8 GHz) • 2 GB of RAM for Windows XP or Windows 7 • 80 GB Hard Drive, 12 GB available free space (these specifications will be verified by Enterprise) • Ergonomic Chair • Fire Extinguisher • Smoke Alarm • First Aid Kit • A Sound Card • A minimum of one USB port (USB version 2) • A Monitor (17 inches or greater), minimum Graphic Resolution: 1024 x 768 16 bit • A Modem (single-port or multi-port) • A Router (required if using a single-port modem) • A Power BaSurge Protector that is UL 1449 Recognized (this will assist in protecting equipment plugged into the power bar, in the event of an electrical storm or power surge).
Required Software includes:
• OS Version: Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7/8/10 (Windows Vista is not supported) • Internet Browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher) • Current Anti-virus / Spyware protection software must be installed at all times • Java 2 (Version 1.6) • Minimum Windows Media Player 9.0 for video and sound* • Adobe Flash player plug-in version 9.0 or above installed* • Minimum Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0* • Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Standard (no purchase required - downloaded from Microsoft site following training)
** For Apple products
In order to ensure that Apple technology is compatible with our network the following requirements exist:
• Activated RSA Fob with PIN set – (provided by the Company)
• Active Broadband Internet Connection • Apple Operating System version 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8
• ‘Intel’ based processor for your PC • Web Browser (Safari version 5 or better / Google Chrome version 20 or better / Firefox versions 3 to 10)
Enterprise reserves the right to require home workers to install such programmes or software as may be required to protect its business from time to time.
  • It is possible to obtain the latest versions of Adobe Flash player and Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE at the Adobe site www.adobe.com. It is also possible to obtain the latest version of Windows Media Player for FREE from www.microsoft.com. We recommend using Windows XP or Windows 7 Operating Systems as Enterprise does not support Vista in our environment due to many technical issues experienced with this operating system.
Internet Service Requirements:
To effectively accommodate Enterprise Holdings Work From Home Program, employees will need: • Internet access provided by a cable or DSL provider (satellite broadband does not meet our requirements). ** • Use of wireless and WiFi “air cards” for business use is prohibited. • Required speeds for uploading and downloading data: • Minimum upload speed of 1000 kbps (1.0 mbps) • Minimum download speed of 3000 kbps (3.0 mbps)
**Maintaining an uninterrupted internet connection is a requirement of a Work From Home position.
Enterprise reserves the right to require home workers to upgrade their existing service or switch providers to meet the job requirements.
The home worker shall bear responsibility for the maintenance and repair of any home office resources they provide. The Company shall bear responsibility for the maintenance and repair of any resources it provides. In the event that the home worker does not demonstrate due care and attention with regards to safeguarding any Company provided equipment they will be liable for the cost of repair, the net book value or a £320 excess, whichever is lower. This will be payroll deducted over a three-month period, unless it is to be recovered at the point of termination of employment in which case the full amount will be deducted from the final month’s salary in accordance with clause 11 of the employment contract. The home worker is responsible for maintaining all equipment in a clean and orderly fashion, ready for potential inspection by the Company. Any problems with equipment should be reported to line management / work-force management (WFM) / technical support centre (TSC) / employee’s own service provider at the first available opportunity.
Equipment provided by Enterprise is not for personal use and should not be used by anyone other than the home worker (e.g. members of the family, friends, etc.). Such equipment must be:
(a) used only for the purpose for which it has been provided; (b) used only in accordance with any operating instructions and Enterprise's policies and procedures; and (c) returned to Enterprise on termination of employment or when otherwise requested. At the termination of the home worker agreement all equipment supplied by the Company must be returned in good unaltered condition within 7 days of the termination date of the arrangement or by the end date of the employment, whichever is earlier. If equipment is not returned in good unaltered condition the full cost of the equipment will be deducted from the employee's final month’s salary in accordance with clause 11 of their employment contract.
Operational compatibility - (Technology outages)
In the event that a home worker experiences technical (hardware / software / internet connectivity) issues, the employee should immediately notify their line supervisor and self-troubleshoot. In the event that the specific technical issue is not resolved within 15 minutes, employees should notify Work-Force Management (WFM) and the Enterprise Technical Support Centre (TSC). The employee will be given a maximum of 30 minutes to troubleshoot the issue. ‘Troubleshooting’ time includes self-troubleshooting, contacting TSC, contacting WFM, and working with the employee’s own service providers to resolve the issue. In the event the issue is not resolved within 30 minutes, the employee will be asked to sign off and stop all work-related responsibilities. If home technology fails for more than 24 hours employees may be required to attend work at a suitable alternative location agreed with line management for all agreed shifts other than those where the employee’s presence may be required at home in connection with resolving the technology outage.
Please be advised that the Company requires an absolute minimum of 95% operational compatibility in relation to scheduled shifts from all home workers over any rolling 90 day period. Therefore any employees experiencing habitual technical issues which lead to an operational compatibility of less than 95% each month / over any rolling 90 day period, regardless of the specific nature of such issues, may face formal disciplinary proceedings which may include action up to and including termination.
Please note that Enterprise system outages do not count against an employee’s incompatible percentage.
The percentage will be calculated as follows:
Technical compatible time = Total time worked / Total time scheduled
Expectation = 95% or better each month / over any rolling 3 month period
Be advised that Enterprise also monitors for situations where extreme technical situations exceeding 25% incompatibility (less than 75% compatibility) occur in any one month period. In this event, the situation is reviewed by the Department Manager and may lead to disciplinary proceedings which may include action up to and including termination.
Hardware / Software registration
At the outset of employment as a home worker the employee agrees to provide genuine serial number identification details for the Windows PC to be used during the course of their employment to line management within 7 days of the start of the home working arrangement. Should the employee make any subsequent changes to the hardware being used (such as changing the main PC itself) throughout the remainder of their employment as a home worker they agree to immediately provide the new serial number to line management.
The employee also agrees to provide details of their Broadband provider and account information at the outset of employment in the home worker role and provides their consent that Enterprise shall have the right to review professional usage / history at any time whether during or after the home working period.
Failure to update management in respect of the above may lead to disciplinary proceedings which may include action up to and including termination of employment.
Disaster Recovery Plan
Enterprise asks all home workers, where possible, to arrange a designated ‘back-up’ working location close to home (“Alternative Location”) at which they may continue to provide reliable service in their role in the completion of all scheduled working time / shifts. At the commencement of employment (within 30 days of employment) the employee is required to provide details of the Alternative Location if one is identified. Should the employee’s usual home office be deemed inappropriate for use for the proper performance of job duties following an outage of 24 hours or more then the employee will be required to make use of either their Alternative Location or Enterprise's Contact Centre premises in Aldershot, Hampshire.
This Alternative Location should be a viable alternative for the employee to the Contact Centre premises located in Aldershot, Hampshire. Such a location must comply with the expectations set out within the Equipment provision section (p5) of this document. Employees should note the stipulations stated within the Pay section (p10) will apply in respect of any shifts the employee does not complete successfully either fully or in part.
Any employee who fails to make use of these locations may be subject to disciplinary proceedings which could include action up to and including termination. Be advised that travel expenses will not be provided for travel to and from this back up working location.
Working at Home: Confidentiality and Data Protection
The normal Enterprise employee data protection rules apply. Please see the Employee Handbook and Contract of Employment. All Company provided equipment and information must be kept securely and in accordance with the Company’s policies. In particular, private and confidential material must be kept secure at all times and passwords must be used as they would be in the office. Employees must ensure that no third party is permitted to either use Company provided computer equipment or applications or view any information or documentation required for use within the employee’s role without explicit prior written permission from the Company. Employees should not leave papers in places where they may be read by others, including family members. For example, care should be taken to ensure that waste paper containing confidential information is disposed of in a secure manner and computer equipment should not be left logged onto the Company’s network and unattended. Employees' supervisors must be satisfied that all reasonable precautions are being taken to maintain confidentiality of material in accordance with our requirements. Enterprise reserves the right to perform forensic IT analysis on any equipment used to access data and networks connected with the employee’s professional relationship with the Company at any time and with or without prior notice. This will apply to either hardware or software provided by either the Company or the employee. The Company may at any time monitor the employee's use of the internet and of email communications received, created, stored, sent or forwarded by the employee on equipment provided by the Company to the employee for the performance of his/her duties. Such monitoring shall be undertaken where reasonably necessary to check facts relevant to the business, ensure compliance with Company policies and procedures and investigate or detect unauthorised use of the Company system. This includes, but is not limited to, Desktop PCs, Laptop PCs, Mobile devices, Routers, Telephones and Tablets.
In the event that the employee does not take due care and attention to safeguard Company and / or customer data or information they may be subject to disciplinary action which could include action up to and including summary dismissal from their employment with the Company.
Working at Home: Employee Responsibilities
The home worker should check whether there are any restrictions on home working within the terms of their lease, mortgage or tenancy agreement for the property. The employee is responsible for obtaining authorisation from the mortgagee or landlords, if required. Enterprise will not be responsible for any additional costs as a result.
Home workers are required to contact their own insurance company to advise that they will be working at home. This may or may not result in an increase in premium. The Company will not reimburse any increase in premium should this occur.
The home worker should check if business rates rather than council tax are payable on the part of the property used for work. Working from home should not affect payment of council tax unless an employee specifically uses a room for business use with no domestic purpose.
Home working is not a substitute for childcare and home workers must make or maintain child care arrangements to permit concentration on work assignments at home during working hours. Home workers should also inform friends and family about their home working arrangements to ensure minimal disruption whilst performing work duties.
Employee/Manager Communication
Home workers must maintain regular contact with their supervisor and keep him or her informed of progress on assignments.
Health and Safety
Enterprise has a general duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
Staff working at home on a regular basis have the same health and safety duties as other members of staff. They must take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of anyone else who might be affected by their actions and omissions. The Company will conduct a preliminary interview to establish home office suitability with the employee. On successful completion of the interview the applicant will complete a home worker checklist and supply details of the proposed floor plan and photos of the home office environment. The home worker will be responsible for conducting subsequent six monthly risk assessments. Any change to the home working environment should be reported to the line manager immediately.
We retain the right to check home working areas for Health and Safety purposes. The need for such inspections will depend on the nature and extent of the work undertaken from home. Any visit will, be arranged on reasonable notice and during normal working hours. Unreasonable refusal to give access for such an assessment is likely to result in the termination of the home working arrangement. Staff working at home must not have meetings in their home with customers and must not give customers their home address or telephone number. If such meetings are required staff should use suitable local Enterprise premises as agreed in advance with their line manager. Staff must ensure that their working patterns and levels of work both over time and during shorter periods are not detrimental to their health and well-being. Staff must use their knowledge, experience and any training to identify and report any health and safety concerns to their supervisor. Staff working at or from home are covered by the Company's accident insurance policy. Any accidents must be reported immediately in accordance with the Company's Health and Safety policy. Home workers agree to comply with any Health and Safety instructions and/or guidelines given to them by the Company during their employment. The Company has a specific health and safety policy home workers need to follow. This has been provided separately.
Employees working at home, in accordance with their employment contract, are entitled to the same protection and indemnity that is afforded by Enterprise to employees who work at Enterprise locations. These arrangements extend to any equipment provided by Enterprise. Employees are reminded of their obligations to safeguard Company assets. Equipment provided by Enterprise is insured in accordance with permissions and operational guidelines and following instructions in respect of duties for example rest breaks.
Working Hours
Home workers will be required to work the hours specified by management in the roster and to be available and contactable at home (when not working on Company site) between such hours.
Home workers hours are as follows:
FT – 40 hours per week, between 7am – midnight, 7 days PT - 25 Hours per week or more, between 7am – midnight, 7 days.
Rosters for home workers employed in roles which operate within a variable shift pattern will be published 4 weeks in advance and any shift swap requests should be processed via the usual channels. Employees working to variable shift patterns will be able to resubmit any request to change their rules and preferences on a quarterly basis for consideration by management.
From time to time, during high seasonal demand, overtime may be available. Overtime notifications will be emailed and also sent via text message. The employee agrees to accept such text notifications.
Please take appropriate rest breaks in line with the employee handbook.
Pay Standard hours for home workers are between 7am-midnight, 7 days a week. During standard hours employees will be paid one time the hourly rate.
Hours worked over a Bank Holiday will be paid according to EBS policy.
In the event of a technology failure which is deemed to be the fault of the Company the employee will continue to receive their normal rate of pay for all scheduled shifts for the next two consecutive scheduled working days. In order to receive their normal rate of pay beyond these two days the employee must be prepared to work their shifts temporarily from a suitable alternative location agreed with line management (see Disaster Recovery Plan on p11). In the event of a technology failure which is determined to be the fault of either the employee or the employee’s third party service provider then scheduled working days / shifts will be unpaid unless the employee agrees to work such shifts temporarily from a suitable alternative location agreed with line management (see Disaster Recovery Plan on p11). If home technology fails for more than one day employees may be required to work at the office location.
Travel Expenses From time to time home workers may be asked to work in the office. This may be requested for any periods where the employee’s presence is not expressly required at home in order to host an engineer’s visit or receive items for delivery in connection with their employment with the Company. In such circumstances we can arrange a business rental.
Travel expense requests will be considered on a case by case basis by the EBS Business Manager.
Home Worker Supplement As a contribution towards any additional household expenses that may be incurred as a result of working from home, Enterprise will pay a home worker supplement of £3 per week. This is the current maximum supplement allowable under HMRC rules without requiring supporting documentation for any costs incurred. This supplement will start from the first week after the employee's office orientation period. It is an allowance for expenses and therefore is not subject to income tax or national insurance.
The Company are not responsible for associated costs of the employee working from home including the costs of heating, lighting, electricity, telephone calls or broadband. In the event that the employee's home working arrangement comes to an end, Enterprise will immediately stop paying this supplement.
Dress Code Home working employees will be expected to adhere to company dress code whilst attending work events which may include training and business functions.
Sickness Reporting Home workers must comply with the Enterprise sickness reporting policy and ensure that they leave a message on the sickness reporting hotline, as per the memo received in your new hire paper work, at least one hour before your start time.
Performance Management The employee will receive a virtual Performance Development Meeting (PDM) each month and annual appraisals (completed after an initial 90 days) at 12 months and annually thereafter which may be conducted either virtually or face to face at suitable Company premises located conveniently close to the employee’s home.
The employee will also be required to attend a monthly virtual team meeting. Occasionally due to scheduling restrictions the monthly team meeting may fall outside of the employee's working hours. In this instance the employee is expected to make every effort to join these meetings. Attendance at a virtual team meeting scheduled outside of working hours will be paid at the applicable hourly rate.
The home worker will be subject to identical treatment as compared with their office-based counterparts in respect of any approved initiatives and processes utilized in the area of performance management.
Right to Withdraw Home working may be withdrawn from members of staff who abuse the system. Such staff may also face disciplinary action under the standard disciplinary policy. Enterprise retains the right to withdraw home working at any time.
Right to Return Where the employee wishes to cease home working and start working in the office the employee must make a written request to this effect, giving their reasons, to their manager. There is no automatic right to return; however, where an identical role to the home based post is available a transfer will be considered, but is not guaranteed provided that the employee applies through the regular channels. Where an identical post is not available a voluntary transfer to in house will not be possible unless the employee applies for a different advertised post and is appointed using the standard recruitment and selection procedures.
Once the home worker has made a request to transfer to an in house post he/she will be prohibited from applying for home working in the future, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
The employee's place of work and work base will remain Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Victoria House, Victoria Road Aldershot, GU11 1EJ.
Recovery of Set-Up Costs and Change of Home Office Location
Should the employee…
• Voluntarily discontinue home working • Relocate their home to an area where a feasibility study indicates that IT links cannot be achieved within a reasonable cost • Voluntarily leave the employment of Enterprise • Be subject to disciplinary or capability procedures which require the employee to cease home working
…within a period of 2 years from the date of commencing home working, the company will seek to recover a proportion of any set up costs incurred by Enterprise. The amount to be repaid will be reduced by 1/24th for each complete calendar month of service since the commencement of homeworking. Such sum shall be deducted from the next salary payment.
The final decision on any amounts to be repaid will be made by the Group Manager in consultation with the Financial Controller.
Any relocation will need to satisfy the same requirements as the original location’s home working agreement in terms of geographic location, work environment etc. Any additional costs incurred from relocating are the employee’s responsibility.
I confirm that I have read and understood this home working policy and I agree to comply with it.
…………………………………… …………………………………… [Name] [Date]
Enc. Health and Safety Policy
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