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Enter your Username and select your platform. SiahSneaka 1 SiahSneaka 1 Newbie; Members; 1 0 posts; Posted May 24, 2020. Ultimate Hypixel Skyblock Enchantments Guide (latest update: 0.9).

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Radiant Stars Patch Notes and Megathread

Radiant Stars Patch Notes and Megathread

Patch NotesLivestream • [Forum Post]() • Overview

Battle Pass – Radiant Stars

The Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass will become purchasable with the release of Patch 4 – Radiant Stars. The Radiant Stars Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of patch 4.
Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Radiant Stars Battle Pass experience as soon as the update is live. Battle Pass purchasers unlock premium rewards every level, along with the free track rewards.
The Radiant Stars Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can now unlock up to 450 Crystals through the Battle Pass Free Track, and an additional 150 through the Premium Track, making the Battle Pass FREE once completed. Explore our expanded content for each Champion featured in this Battle Pass. Level up with newly-reworked challenges, daily quests, and unlock up to 32 Epic Champion skins! Each Champion now has a base skin and 7 additional variants able to be unlocked by progressing through the Battle Pass!
Dive in to this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a one-time purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels so you can start playing with the Stellar Guardian Io, Stellar Sentinel Inara, and Stellar Sorceress Imani right away!
The Battle Passport costs 1500 Crystals, saving you over 1000 Crystals!

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

Battle Pass Skins (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers):

Flair Stellar Protector Io
Flair Stellar Sorceress Imani
Flair Stellar Sentinel Inara
Flair Stellar Mender Seris

Other Battle Pass Exclusive Unlocks

Death Card


Reticle Change over Target
  • The color of your reticle will no longer change when you are aiming at an enemy in non-training matches.
Mixer Khan
  • Mixer Khan quest has been disabled, and removed from the Viewer Store. Players who own this skin will still be able to use it.

NEW: Bounty Store

We’re introducing a new way players can unlock skins just by playing Paladins! Starting with the release of Radiant Stars, players with a linked Hi-Rez account will unlock a new currency called Bounty Coins by completing daily quests. Bounty Coins can then be spent inside the Bounty Store – which will feature a limited quantity of a single skin that rotates every 72 hours.
Skins inside the Bounty Store will be priced on one of two ways:
  • Increasing Price
    • The Bounty Coin cost of the skin will start out low, and as players purchase the skin and the number available goes down, the price will increase.
  • Decreasing Price
    • The Bounty Coin cost of the skin will start out high, and each day the price will decrease.
Bounty Coin Acquisition
  • Players will earn 2 Bounty Coins for each small reward Daily Quest completed
  • Players will earn 3 Bounty Coins for each large reward Daily Quest completed
Want to start earning Bounty Coins? Click here to link your Hi-Rez account and start earning with the release of Radiant Stars!


Mernos Jenos – NEW!
  • Unlocked via Direct Purchase for 800 Crystals.
  • Also available in the Pirate’s Treasure Chest.
Available September 9th

Golden Skins:

Flair Golden Buck
  • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 as Buck
Flair Golden Drogoz
  • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 as Drogoz
Flair Golden Sha Lin
  • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 as Sha Lin

Community Bonus Content:

These Avatars and Sprays will become available through various community engagements during Patch 4’s cycle.

Deal of the Day:

The following content has been added to Deal of the Day:
  • Street Style Ash
  • Street Style Maeve
  • Street Style Ying
  • Street Style Skye
  • Omega Sha Lin
  • Omega Terminus
  • Omega Dredge
  • Omega Makoa
  • Omega Zhin
  • Omega Vivian
  • Omega Koga
  • Strut (Roaming Ash Emote)
  • Starlet (Roaming Maeve Emote)
  • Sashay (Roaming Skye Emote)
  • Trendsetter (Roaming Ying Emote)
  • Fist Bump (Ruckus)
  • Swig (Dredge)
  • Shimmy (Skye)
  • Hunter’s Cry (Tyra)
  • Guffaw (Koga)
  • Chuckle (Imani)
MVP Poses
  • Loose (Sha Lin)
  • Headsman (Terminus)
  • Windup (Makoa)
  • Kamae (Zhin)
  • Audacity (Vivian)
  • Twilight Vogue
  • Rising Fans (3D)
  • Headliner (3D)
  • Strawberry Pop (3D)
  • Shooting Star (3D)
  • Kawaii Kitten (Animated)
  • Best Friend (Animated)
  • Omega Wind (Animated)
  • Omega Crusher
  • Omega Tear (3D)
Music Pack
  • Street Pop
  • Summer Blossom
  • Future’s Protector
  • Squidly
  • Forlorn Future (Animated)
Death Stamp
  • Cluck’em
  • Lunar Altar

Direct Purchase

Avatar – Fan Forge / For Fans By Fans
Created by Grand Prize Winner @TalaKeks
  • 100 Gold


Pirate’s Treasure
Available September 9th
  • 400 Crystals
  • Dutchman Makoa
  • Swashbuckler Barik
  • Pirates Treasure Io
  • Mermaid Ying
  • Shore Patrol Lian
  • Longboard Lex
  • Mernos Jenos
For the Magistrate!
Available August 19th
  • 400 Crystals
  • Covert Ops Lex
  • Dark Lord Torvald
  • Reaver Viktor
  • FN-01 Erebos
  • High Elf Lian
  • Mercenary Strix
Past Events
Available September 30th
  • 300 Crystals
  • Knightmare Fernando
  • Day Walker Vivian
  • Omega Dredge
  • Omega Sha Lin
  • Abominable Terminus
  • Merrymaker Dredge
  • Street Style Ash
  • Street Style Maeve

Ranked Split 3

Split Rewards
  • Play 5 Ranked matches
    • Gold Chest
  • Play 25 Ranked matches
Format Changes
  • All player ranks have been soft-reset for Split 3
Ranked Map Rotation
Each split, maps will either be in the active or reserved map pool. Reserved maps will not appear while playing ranked during that split. Each new split will see some maps rotated between the active and reserved pools. For Split 3, Shattered Desert and Wader’s Gate will be rotating into the active map pool, while Serpent Beach and Ascension Peak will be rotating out.
Active Maps
  • Bazaar
  • Brightmarsh
  • Frog Isle
  • Ice Mines
  • Splitstone Quarry
  • Stone Keep
  • Jaguar Falls
  • Fish Market
  • +Shattered Desert
  • +Warder’s Gate
Reserved Maps
  • Timber Mill
  • Frozen Guard
  • -Serpent Beach
  • -Ascension Peak


Developer Commentary

Our aim is to make targeted, meaningful changes to improve the dynamic between Support, Frontline, and Hitscan champions at higher levels of play. After watching the Season 3 meta develop and receiving feedback from both the AOC and Paladins Pro Circuit Players, we’re hoping to address the following:
  • Strength of Hitscan champions with strong lifesteal options.
  • Underwhelming strength of off-tanks that were previously able to apply more pressure to Flank & Damage champions
  • Meta-defining nature of Io & Luna
  • Cost vs effectiveness dynamic of Master Riding and Resilience


Cards and on-hit effects: Modified most on-hit effects to only apply after hitting Players and Pets, rather than including Decoys, Illusions, Deployables, and Shields. There are some exceptions based on intended use-cases for particular abilities or cards. For example, cards pertaining to Drogoz’s Salvo will still have their effects applied when hitting Shields.
Developer Commentary: Consistency in effect, where possible, is important in creating a familiar structure — one that makes sense to any player who is familiar with how any given mechanic affects their gamespace — and these changes are with that purpose. Some will be more noticeable (Deep Roots will no longer chain from deployables like Barik turret) and some won’t have to change at all, but except for a very few exceptions, these effects will now be consistent across the board.
  • Master Riding
    • Cost increased
      • 200 per level ➡️ 250 per level
  • Resilience
    • Cost decreased
      • 200 per level ➡️ 150 per level
Developer Commentary: We want to keep the impact in-game of Master Riding, but felt that the ease with which a player can obtain the item is a bit too much. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of Resilience was changed, but players still found it cost-prohibitive when prioritizing item loadouts. These cost changes should help address those issues.


Flair Ash
  • Kinetic Burst
    • This ability can now be toggled on and off
Flair Atlas
  • Chrono-Cannon
    • Increased damage per shot 50 ➡️ 56
  • Exile
    • During activation:
      • You are Immune to Crowd Control effects
      • Decreased Movement Speed penalty 40% ➡️ 0%
    • During Ultimate:
      • You are Immune to Crowd Control effects
Flair Fernando
  • Increased Ultimate charge rate by 20%
  • Aegis
    • Reduced the Cooldown of Shield by an additional 2s
Flair Khan
  • Vortex Grip
    • Reduced additional Stun duration 2s ➡️ 1.2s
Flair Makoa
  • Leviathan
    • Reworked
      • NEW: Increase your Ultimate charge rate by 15% and your maximum Health by 500. Using Ancient Rage resets the Cooldowns of Dredge Anchor and Shell Spin.
  • Cannon – AoC
    • Increased the range at which you deal full damage
  • Dredge Anchor
    • Decreased Cooldown 15s ➡️ 14s
  • Shell Shield
    • Added a small grace period after activating during which it cannot be immediately canceled
  • Strongarm
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Dredge Anchor by 0.5|0.5s
    • Increase the effectiveness of the Cooldown Reduction 0.5|0.5s ➡️ 0.6|0.6s
Flair Raum
  • Subservience
    • Effects now go through walls
Flair Torvald
  • Gauntlet
    • Increased the range at which you deal full damage
Dev Commentary: Torvald is a Champion that we are aiming to address over time in a more robust way. This change is intended to improve his quality-of-life and is part of the changes we intend to implement as time goes on.
Flair Bomb King – AoC
  • Detonate
    • Reduce damage done per Sticky Bomb 900 ➡️ 850
  • Royal Decree
    • Increase your Reload Speed by {5|5}% for 3s after using Detonate.
    • No longer stacks
    • Increased Reload Speed gain 5|5% ➡️ 6|6%
Flair Lian – AoC
  • Bloodline
    • OLD: Heal for 50|50 after using Grace.
    • NEW: Generate 1|1 Ammo after using Grace.
Flair Sha Lin – Flair
  • Shimmer
    • Resets the Cooldown of Withdraw after dropping to or below 15|15% Health. (30s ICD)
    • Reduced Internal Cooldown 30s ➡️ 15s
Flair Viktor – AoC
  • Predator
    • Gain 8|8% Lifesteal while using Iron Sights.
    • Decreased Lifesteal 8|8% ➡️ 5|5%
Flair Vivian – AoC
  • Runic Ammunition
    • Gain 5|5% Lifesteal.
    • Decreased Lifesteal 5|5% ➡️ 4|4%
Flair Corvus – AoC
  • Entropic Breach
    • Increased the effectiveness of the Slow 33% ➡️ 45%
    • The Slow now persists on leaving the area for 0.5s
Flair Grohk – AoC
  • Healing Totem
    • Increased rate of Healing at base from once every 0.2s ➡️ once every 0.15s
    • Decreased Heal per tick 60 ➡️ 45
      • This is a gameplay feeling change and will not affect the amount of total Healing done with this ability
    • Increased the base Health of the totem 1000 ➡️ 1250
  • Totemic Ward
    • Increased the Healing percentage 20% ➡️ 30%
  • Spirit’s Domain
    • Increase Healing per second 600 ➡️ 700
  • Monolith Totem
    • Increase the Health of Healing Totem by 100|100.
    • Increased added Health 100|100 ➡️ 150|150
Developer Commentary: The Blue Orc is someone we care about, and these changes are a step in the direction of making playstyles — those that have historically felt underwhelming — feel a bit better. We are absolutely keeping an eye out for changes that will further improve his gameplay for future updates.
FlairIo – AoC
  • Guardian Spirit
    • Reduced base Health 4000 ➡️ 3000
  • Luna is now able to be Cauterized
    • This is something we are still testing and would like to feel confident about before ultimately including this change in this update
  • Feral Strength
    • Increase Luna’s Health by 200|200.
    • Increased Health 200|200 ➡️ 225|225
  • Swift Arrows
    • Increase allies’ Movement Speed by 8|8% while they are being Healed by Moonlight.
    • Decreased Movement Speed bonus 8|8% ➡️ 6|6%
Flair Mal’Damba
  • Mending Spirits
    • Increased Health every second 315 ➡️ 325
  • Spirit’s Chosen
    • Increased initial Heal 220 ➡️ 250
Flair Pip – AoC
  • Combat Medic
    • Hitting yourself with Potion Launcher will no longer damage you or apply knock-back to you.
Flair Seris
  • Mortal Reach
    • OLD: Increase the range of Restore Soul by 300% and its duration by 1s.
    • NEW: Increase the range of Restore Soul by 300% and the rate at which it Heals by 10%.
  • Soul Forge
    • Increase the range at which Restore Soul can target allies by 4|4%.
    • Increase the effectiveness of the range increase 4|4% ➡️ 6|6%
Flair Buck – AoC
  • Bulk Up
    • Reduced the initial Heal 600 ➡️ 400
  • Momentum
    • Reduce your damage taken by 6|6% for 4s after using Heroic Leap.
    • Reduced the effectiveness of this damage reduction 6|6% ➡️ 5|5%
Developer Commentary: We plan on keeping an eye on Buck to see what effect these changes have on his status in the Realm.
Flair Lex
  • Discovery
    • Increase the damage you deal to your Retribution target by 30% and reduce the Cooldown of Retribution by 15s.
    • Removed the Cooldown Reduction of Retribution from this talent
  • Retribution
    • Decreased Cooldown 30s ➡️ 6s
Developer Commentary: We believe Lex is someone who would benefit from more attention, especially with regards to Retribution. For now, we want to shift Retribution to be something that is more of an active part of Lex’s gameplay.
Flair Moji
  • Familiar Spit
    • Increased base damage 100 ➡️ 300
    • Decreased Rate of Fire one every 0.6s ➡️ one every 0.7s
  • Familiar Spray
    • Decreased Range 60 units ➡️ 50 units
    • Decreased Damage per hit 50 ➡️ 30
  • Symbiotic
    • Increase the Healing you receive by 10|10% while at or below 50% Health.
    • Decreased effectiveness of Healing boost 10|10% ➡️ 7|7%
  • Greater Good
    • Gain 8|8% Lifesteal against enemies with the maximum number of Magic Marks.
    • Decreased Lifesteal gain 8|8% ➡️ 6|6%
  • Cozy
    • Heal for 40|40 every 1s while Magic Barrier is active.
    • Increased Healing every 1s 40|40 ➡️ 50|50
Flair Talus
  • Veracharger
    • Increased Rate of Fire by 10/s ➡️ 11/s
  • Overcharge
    • Reduced effectiveness of added Rate of Fire 33% ➡️ 25%
  • Guts
    • Reduce your damage taken by 6|6% while at or below 40% Health.
    • Decreased effectiveness of damage reduction 6|6% ➡️ 5|5%
  • Primeval Might
    • Gain 8|8% Lifesteal while Overcharge is active.
    • Reduced Lifesteal gain 8|8% ➡️ 5|5%
Dev Commentary: Talus is also a Champion we will be keeping our eyes on. We would like to keep the high points of his gameplay intact while mitigating some of the frustration that players may experience when dealing with his appearances in their backline. The interaction between Guts, Primeval Might, and his ability to instantly Teleport away from danger is one we want to make sure is in a healthy position.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Shoulder Bash could send a Player in a direction other than the intended direction.
Flair Buck
  • Fixed an issue where the Envy and Brawler skins were displaying as invisible.
  • Fixed an issue where Corvus’ Weapon Fire was causing other game audio to cut out on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a description error with the Healing Totem ability.
Flair Koga
  • Fixed an issue where Fernando’s Ultimate would not stop Koga from losing Health at 1500 Health or below when in Dragon Stance with the Dragon Fangs talent equipped.
Flair Mal’Damba
  • Fixed an issue where Mal’Damba’s Dread Serpent Ultimate would not affect Players in many cases if the Ultimate was used on a slope or a ceiling.
  • Fixed an issue where Mal’Damba’s Dread Serpent UItimate would not affect Players if they were out of line of sight of the center of the Ultimate and then reentered line of sight of it.
FlairSha Lin
  • Fixed a description error with the Rapid Shot ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Blitz Upper could send a Player in a direction other than the intended direction.
  • Fixed an issue where Morale Boost was slightly more efficient than intended at Rank 3.
  • Fixed an issue where the collision of the bridge on the outside of Magistrate’s Archives persisted in the map without the bridge.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could damage themselves in one area of the Brightmarsh spawn room.
  • Fixed an issue where several Golden skins were improperly accessible when a Skin Booster was active.
  • Fixed an issue on Fish Market where Players could get pushed out of bounds on the edge of the map in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where some sprays from the Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass were not functioning properly.

PTS Bug Fixes

Flair Androxus
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where Nether Step momentum could persist if Accursed Arm was used too quickly after Nether Step, causing Androxus’ model to glide improperly and his Accursed Arm shots to be inaccurate.
Flair Ash
  • Added a small window after de-toggling Kinetic Burst so Players would be less likely to immediately toggle the ability back on unintentionally.
Flair Atlas
  • Fixed an issue where enemy Champions’ outlines would not be red for the entirety of the new effective range of Chrono-Cannon.
Flair Barik
  • Fixed an issue where the Team Fortress 2 Blunderbuss appeared twice in Barik’s Weapons tab.
Flair Corvus
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue in Spectator where Corvus’ Mark of Fate UI would persist on the HUD when swapping from Corvus to another Champion.
  • Fixed an issue where the Slow effect on Entropic Breach was not continuing to slow after the first tick of damage.
Flair Drogoz
  • Fixed an issue where the Default, Tyrant, and Golden skins were missing textures on Drogoz’s arms in 1P.
Flair Fernando
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where the Aegis talent and Towering Barrier card were not providing the full cooldown reduction amount for Shield when used together.
Flair Furia
  • [LIVE] Fixed a typo on the Ignition card.
Flair Grohk
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where Healing Totem was providing one more tick of Healing than intended.
Flair Grover
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where the passive healing from Blossom would still be active while he was Banished.
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where the passive healing from Blossom would not affect Players who respawned within the radius in which the passive healing is effective.
Flair Imani
  • Fixed an issue where the Stellar Sorceress skins hitched in Match Lobby briefly during one of their animations.
  • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Griffon variants displayed Temp icons when obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Imani MVP Pose was not on the Battle Pass Track.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Imani MVP Pose was t-posing.
Flair Inara
  • Fixed an issue where the Stellar Sentinel skins’ Warder’s Field obelisk did not have the proper sound effects attached to it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stellar Sentinel skins hitched in Match Lobby briefly during one of their animations.
  • Fixed an issue where Sentinel’s Radiance variants showed the incorrect 2D art when obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Inara MVP Pose was not on the Battle Pass Track.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Inara MVP Pose was t-posing.
Flair Io
  • Fixed an issue where Io’s model would sink through horse mounts and into the ground while mounted and not moving.
  • Fixed an issue where the base Stellar Protector skin had the incorrect VFX play when using the Radiant Joy Emote compared to other Stellar Protector variants.
  • Fixed an issue where Astral Bow variants showed the incorrect 2D art when obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Io MVP Pose was not on the Battle Pass Track.
  • Updated Guardian Spirit’s description with the new Health values.
Flair Jenos
  • Fixed an issue where the Tide-splitter weapon was missing VFX on firing and reload.
Flair Lex
  • Updated the audio for Retribution to be less grating.
Flair Makoa
  • Fixed an issue where enemy Champions’ outlines would not be red for the entirety of the new effective range of Cannon.
Flair Mal’Damba
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where Mending Spirits was providing one more tick of Healing than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Dread Serpent’s effect would continually refresh on the Player as long as they were in the volume of the Ultimate, causing Players to sometimes be Feared for much longer than the intended 2s.
Flair Moji
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where the Harmonious card did not function properly.
Flair Seris
  • Fixed an issue where the Soul Collector UI was not visible on the Player’s HUD when using that talent.
  • Updated the description of the Mortal Reach talent to better clarify the change to the talent.
  • Fixed an issue where Mender’s Cosmos variants showed the incorrect 2D art when obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Seris MVP Pose was not on the Battle Pass Track.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Seris MVP Pose was t-posing.
Flair Talus
  • Updated Overcharge’s description with the new Attack Speed increase values.
Flair Tyra
  • Fixed an issue where effects tied to Hunter’s Mark being active would persist if the Marked target died while Marked.
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where the sound effects that play when you are damaged by an opponent were quieter than intended.
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where the spawn rooms of the King of the Hill version of Marauder’s Port did not have damage volumes.
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where the King of the Hill version of Marauder’s Port was not available to be played in Custom lobbies.
  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where Timber Mill displayed errors in Custom Lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Experience Bars in the End of Match Lobby were not lined up properly with their surrounding UI elements.
  • Fixed several issues surrounding Bounty Coins not being rewarded properly to Players after completing Quests.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3D Sprays in the Battle Pass were not centered properly when viewed.
  • Fixed display errors with the rewards on the Quest UI in the End of Match Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could not reroll Quests on the Bounties tab of the Store.
  • Fixed various text errors for items on the Battle Pass Track.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the text in the Bounties tab of the Store was not localized.
  • Updated the description on the Community Creator spray.
  • Updated the Paladins Credits page!

Public Test Server

Information on how to access the Public Test Server can be found here.
submitted by Thane_Mantis to Paladins

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