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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 3.3.0b Update

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 3.3.0b Update
Gulliver uses the month of July as his latest excuse to show the world his booty, and by that, of course, I mean the treasure...
Good morning, treble makers! You may have already heard the sonorous sound of summer in Pocket Camp—lonely cicadas signaling a new season of bugs and fish to catch, and the beginning of another update. July will be a big, blue month for Pocket Camp, and I’m frazzled from hunting down some of these new critters, so I’ll get right to it. But first, huge, HUGE thanks to the wonderful users in the ACPC Discord for helping get info on these new creatures—Kitty, dolly, MrPoptart, apeachyy and too many others to name. Thank you so much for sharing the spoils of your excellent hunting skills.
  • Version Codes
    • 3.3.0 was f921b, 3.3.0b is d99fa
    • This is a client-side update that should not require downloading a new version of the app.
  • Seaside Stay Terrain
    • Take an oceanic vacation with some leisurely terrain of a far-off azure bay town. Watch the sailboats pass by day or the lighthouse beam by night and forget about your troubles and bank accounts back home. This terrain is already available in the terrain shop and includes a middle ground, foreground, background, and fence for 250, 150, 150, and 200 Leaf Tickets respectively.
  • Merry Mariners Clothing Collection
    • Now you, a merry mariner, can marry Merry, a merrier mariner, with last month’s wedding sets and enough clothing from this collection, if you so choose. The first clothing collection themed for this July includes sailor caps, sailor shirts and dresses, and socks to keep your tootsies warm. This collection is already on sail for Leaf Tickets in the crafting menu.
  • New Creatures
    • That buzzing isn’t in your ears. New bugs and fish have appeared in Pocket Camp, which also means many bugs and fish have migrated out of circulation (or in the tadpoles’ case, have grown up into valuable frogs!). The new creatures, their prices, and their rewards when given to campers (when they ask you for “any fish” or “any bug”) are listed below. This information is collected anecdotally, so while we did our best compiling it, it may not be 100% accurate—please let us know if you find inconsistencies while playing.
New Fish - Ocean
Name Shadow Size (Size #) Sell Price Requested Reward Tier
Octopus (returning) Medium (3) 10 Yes Common (+2 pts, 100 bells)
Anchovy Small (2) 10 Yes Common
Flying Fish Small 100 No Common
Zebra Turkeyfish Medium 100 No Common
Ocean Sunfish (returning) Huge w/ Fin (F) 4,000 No Uncommon (+3 pts, 1,500 bells, bonus chance)
Ribbon Eel Long (L) 500 No Uncommon
Tiger Prawn Small 300 No Uncommon
Shark (prev. tourney-only) Huge w/ Fin 8,000 No Rare (4 Pts, 2,000 bells, bonus)
Blue Marlin (returning) Huge (6) 6,000 No Rare
New Fish - River
Name Shadow Size Sell Price Requested Reward Tier
Bluegill (Returning) Small 10 Yes Common
Popeyed Goldfish (prev. tourney-only) Tiny (1) 200 No Uncommon
Eel (prev. tourney-only) Long 1,200 No Uncommon
Sweetfish Medium 800 No Uncommon
Frog Small 200 No Uncommon
Giant Snakehead Large (4) 4,000 No Uncommon
Arowana (prev. tourney-only) Large 6,000 No Rare
New Bugs
Name Sell Price Requested Reward Tier
Darner Dragonfly (returning) 10 Yes Common
Giant Cicada 10 Yes Common
Saw Stag (returning) 1,200 No Uncommon
Robust Cicada 100 No Uncommon
Golden Stag (returning) 5,500 No Rare
Horned Hercules (returning) 6,000 No Rare
Cairns Birdwing 4,000 No Rare
The sea star is a requested common shell that sells for 10 bells.
  • Retiring Creatures
    • No more sea bass clogging the waterways with their big, salty bellies. It’s a sobering thought as we bid farewell to our springtime friends, some of them freakish, some of them useless, all of them destined to be bizarrely sought after some time in the distant future, like Pez dispensers or Bionicle.
  • July Seasonal Event – “Anchors Aweigh!”
    • I hope you’ve been lifting, because July will ask us to be collecting sea-green anchors to earn some seaworthy rewards, including a sea star accessory, an astonishingly plain-looking bench, and an iron statue of everyone’s at-least-third-favorite seagull, Gulliver. (None of these items are actually seaworthy, please put them on land.) As with every monthly event, July’s will include a gardening event (seaside-themed), a fishing tourney (appears to be pirate-themed), and a scavenger hunt (ice-cream themed), which will each offer 30 anchors for completing them, adding up to a total of 90 available anchors for the month. If waiting or reading awful puns makes you anchory, calm down! This event will begin this coming new day.
  • July Gardening Event – “Maritime Getaway”
    • July’s gardening event will have us planting flowers and catching some exotic hermit crabs to earn Mediterranean-inspired set pieces for a relaxing coastal vacation. Like in June’s gardening event, there will now only be two types of flowers to plant to attract the event’s bugs—one for each part, each attracting two types of hermit crabs. This event will begin this coming new day along with the anchor event for the month of July.
  • Audie’s “Refreshing” Cookie
    • Dom’s hoping Audie’s lemonade stand offers a discount for friends, but nothing’s standing in the way of Audie’s sweet, citrusy empire (and she’s operating without a vendor’s license, no less!). Quench your thirst for success or just laidback summer with the set pieces for a breezy afternoon sipping and stirring some sugary ’ade. When life gives you lemons, ask why it didn’t give you the 5-star item instead (in this case, namely, Audie’s decked-out lemonade cart) when this cookie releases in early July, likely in the next few days.
This human character looks suspiciously like a certain fox... Is Audie setting her up to take the fall when the law catches up with her establishment?
  • July Wall & Floor Collection – “By the Sea”
    • Look out on a peaceful ocean or wonder why you’re standing in one with July’s wall and floor collection, including four new designs and the sea view wallpaper and stone tile flooring from New Leaf. This collection will very likely be Leaf-Ticket-exclusive and will likely release in early July.
  • HHA Classes
    • Included in this update are three classes each for the seaside gardening event, Audie’s cookie, and a pop quiz for July that uses some items from both.
  • Upcoming for July
    • Included in this update were teaser sprites for July’s fishing tourney and gardening event, likely pirate-themed and ice-cream themed judging by their appearances and the Twitter teaser image. Also found were sprites teasing another clothing collection for July and what appear to be two more original cookies. July’s full schedule will likely list their names and hint further at their themes.
That’s everything included in this update. It is with great sorrow and mourning that I report finding no evidence of enormous king-sized bugs being added to the game, to my great disappointment. Maybe next time. Until then, thanks for reading, and good luck with the events and your game.
submitted by windkirby to ACPocketCamp

Story: Caught Dumpster Diving by an Employee

Note: this is a throwaway account, I use my main account on other communities and this is a story I'd prefer to keep anonymous. Everything that I've written here is 100% true, however, I promise.
This is a lot of context and background, skip to the bold text if you're not interested:
About 4 months ago, I discovered the magic of dumpster diving. I've always had an appreciation for scavenging, but I never did anything beyond checking for coins left behind in vending machine change slots and such. One day, I was picking up a prescription for my mom at a certain three-lettered drug-store/pharmacy, when walking back to my car I decided I no longer needed my ridiculously long receipt. I happened to be passing by the store's dumpster, so I decided to chuck the receipt in there. It was then that I saw the ridiculous amount of snacks and food scattered around the dumpster, loose. After hesitating, I threw away my receipt and grabbed three packs of Oreos, and walked back to my car. It was truly baffling to me that such a small store would waste so much perfectly good food. Once I got home, I looked up the store on Google Streetview, and determined that this particular location did not have any cameras - it was perfect, really.
After that first experience, going to that particular store's dumpster became a weekly hobby for me - every week, almost without fail, I'd get at least $50 worth of snack foods. Even better, the location was perfect - the gates to the dumpster's area were always left open (one of them was missing the wood on it, so even if they were closed I could literally just walk right in without having to tamper with anything), the enclosure made it so that I was obscured, and no one ever bothered me. I'd slip in, spend 10 minutes grabbing items, and slip out - considering the lack of cameras, I doubt anyone ever even noticed me (I was always discrete, never left a mess behind). My town is a quiet place, so I didn't really have much competition, and I always went during the daytime to avoid police attention. By the time fall came around, I had found so much food that I ended up donating some of it to a food bank, as it was impossible (and unhealthy) to even try to eat all of it. This process went smoothly for roughly 6 months, up until this month.
Here's where it all went wrong:
A few weeks ago, I made my trip to Ceee Veee Ess. It was a Sunday, around 2 pm - I determined that Sunday night/Monday morning was the weekly garbage pickup, so weekends were the best time to check. Per usual, I parked far away, and walked into the dumpster enclosure with my two shopping bags (usually enough to hold everything I wanted to take). There was a lot of great stuff in there - honey, cookies, energy/nutrition bars, etc. As I was loading stuff into my bags, I thought I heard a noise. It was faint, and I dismissed it was the wind rattling some random piece of metal on the building. As it turned out, in fact, that rattling was an employee lugging a shopping cart of Halloween candy to the dumpster - something I only realized when we suddenly saw each other. Here's how our conversation went:
Employee (obviously surprised): Wha---can I help you?!?
Me (also startled, and panicking): Oh, sorry about this!
I pick up the paper bag full of stuff I have grabbed and toss it back into the dumpster, grab my other empty bag, and begin to walk out of the enclosure.
Employee: You're trespassing!
Employee then takes out his cell phone (which appears to be an old Android phone, probably 2011ish), and takes a picture of me.
Me: Sorry, I didn't mean to cause any problems.
Employee: Doesn't matter, it's still trespassing.
Me: Okay, I'm leaving
The employee then takes another photo of me, now outside the enclosure and in the parking lot.
Employee: I'm calling the police and showing them this photo. Did you come in a car? I'm going to get your license plate number.
Me (lying): no, I came here from the sidewalk.
There is no way I was going to let him photograph my license plate number. As I walk onto the sidewalk, he stops following me and walks back to the dumpster, presumably to resume what he had originally planned to do - throw away Halloween candy. I'm pretty shaken, and I'm not sure why I asked this, but I then walk back and say:
Me: Excuse me! Do you want me to wait for the police?
Employee: No, if they catch up to you they'll give you a citation.
(Yes, I realize this was a dumb question to ask - I was freaked out and not thinking straight. After saying he was calling the police, he had put the phone up to his ear and said something along the lines of "hello, I need police". However, he put the phone in his pocket literally seconds later, so I'm guessing that he was pretending to be on the phone, when he really wasn't calling anyone. My logic at the time was that if I left, I'd be accused of fleeing or something, idk)
I then sneak back to my car, and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Luckily, he never saw my car or license plate number - he didn't even get my name lol.
A few hours later (because I tend to dwell on confrontations like this for a long time), I decide to look up online archives of my town's EMS radio frequency, as I'd really like to know if the police were called. After listening to the records for the hour following the time of the confrontation, I determine that, in fact, the police were never dispatched to the store. In fact, the police weren't dispatched anywhere during that period - like I said, I live in a quiet town. Why the manager would make such a huge show of taking my picture, stating (three times) that he was calling the cops, and pretending to be on the phone with 911, I don't know - I was being completely cooperative and began leaving as soon as we saw each other. I guess he took my attempt at repurposing the appalling amount of waste generated by his store personally, or maybe he was just trying to scare me. Who knows. In any case, I won't be returning to that store for a while.
I doubt that there will be any repercussions for me regarding this incident, given that the police were never called and the only evidence of the entire interaction is two photos taken of me (with a surgical mask covering my mouth and nose, too) on a shitty old phone. That being said, the whole thing really shook me, as I didn't think that I'd get caught. Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted - time to find another location.
Thanks for reading, I'll post a few pictures of some of my larger hauls from this store - I usually didn't take photos of my finds, except when I had a really good week. These were all found from July of this year, up to now.
submitted by Saver1990 to DumpsterDiving

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