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Ranking adaptations of Victor Frankenstein from least to most evil

Ranking adaptations of Victor Frankenstein from least to most evil
The character Victor Frankenstein has been adapted many times over the years. Sometimes he’s a heroic YA protagonist while others have him using his clone army to wipe out humanity and take over the world. But which Victor is truly the worse?
After reading several adaptations, I’ve decided to rank Victor’s morality in each one and find out!
This is part one, which ranks printed retellings only. If people enjoy it, I’ll do a part two and merge the films into the mix!

Disclaimers (please read):

  • SPOILERS! Victor’s actions in these adaptations will be thoroughly analyzed with no regard for the spoiler tag.
  • Some of the more evil Victor’s get into dark territory, and while I will not go into extensive detail (lest I go insane) if mentions of abuse, sexual themes, possessive behavior and murder bother you, don’t make my mistake and turn back! (I will leave an additional reminder when said parts come up)
  • This list centers on Victor’s actions and NOT the quality of the books themselves—so if you see your favorite title getting a low score it’s not because it’s a bad book—it’s because Victor is a jerk.
  • This list is by no means complete, just the ones I’ve read personally.
  • These are my silly personal opinions and if you disagree with my ranking that’s perfectly fine!
Ranking: On a 1-10 scale, with 10 being fantastic and 0 being “run if you see this man in a dark alley.”

10/10 Perfect Sunbeam. Overall great, wholesome guy!

crickets chirp in a serene backdrop of a Romantic field

Good dude

Junji Ito’s Frankenstein: 8.5/10

Props to the master of manga monsters for making the twist be that Victor is not secretly evil/insane. Not only does Victor pity the creature and agree to create a mate for him—but he keeps his word! This is especially touching when you consider how the creature treks alllllll the way to Switzerland to dig up Justine’s head as a face for the bride. (Henry says he probably didn’t know it was Justines, but come on, you just happened to pick up the head of the girl you framed and carried it for miles across land and sea to deliver it to Victor instead of stopping somewhere closer? I don't buy it.)
Victor even goes the extra mile, kindly stating:
Yet the bride rejects the creature (not Victor’s fault) and in revenge, the creature kills Henry, Elizabeth, and Alphonse. In retaliation, Victor follows him onto the ice and relates his tale to Walton before dying. Victor's actions are nothing heroic, but what more could he have done? He didn’t break his promise and kill the bride like in the original novel and he clearly cared about reanimating “Justine” as shown in the above image.
And did I mention this manga was done by Junji Ito? Would YOU stay in the same room if you created a Junji Ito monster? Didn't think so! After the initial mistake of abandoning his monster, this Victor did the best he could to make amends and protect his family--making him an overall good person.

Decent guy

This Dark endeavor by Kenneth Oppel: 7/10

Serving as a prequel to the original novel, This Dark Endeavor tells the untold story of what leads young Victor Frankenstein to create his monster.
While Victor very much struggles with his angsty dark desires (bad), he tirelessly searches for the alchemic "Elixir of Life" to save his twin brother (good). A brother who is more talented than Victor, has the heart of his love interest, and Victor believes everyone prefers over himself.
Good on you, Victor, for letting the love for your brother override understandable sibling jealousy. If that wasn’t enough to make him decent, letting a few fingers be cut off to save his twin definitely does.
What brings Victor down to a 7 is his relationship with Elizabeth. It’s born out of jealousy from her loving his twin rather than genuine affection. Even if this retelling makes Elizabeth a feisty, pants-wearing independent female (to lessen the possessive undertones Victor exhibits, I presume? Read it and judge for yourself), the relationship does nothing positive for his character. Tricking someone into kissing you is a jerk move, bro.

Ok I guess….

Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel 6/10

The sequel to This Dark Endeavor loses Victor’s careful balance of good and bad traits its predecessor boasted. Victor wasn’t perfect in TDE, but the majority of his negative actions stemmed from trying to save his ill brother and were mostly forgivable. In Such Wicked Intent, his understandable sibling jealously now comes off as petty since Victor’s twin is already dead.
Victor trying to bring his brother back to life (good) is undermined by his growing reliance on supernatural butterflies that increase his abilities despite other characters pointing out the obvious danger. Victor is also not the greatest parent to Twin 2.0 and the previous issues with him and Elizabeth from book 1 don’t improve. He’s the same Victor from TDE, but the plot focusing on his selfish desires makes him more flawed as a result.
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (the original novel): 6/10

Depending on how you interpret the events of the original novel, Victor is either a college Dad in over his head and trying his best after an initial mistake, or a misogynistic, irresponsible jerk only capable of thinking of himself. There are enough professional articles to support both interpretations, and I’m not the person to pick one over the other.
However, if the narrative he tells Walton is to be taken as truth (and the creature not correcting Victor's account tells me it is), Victor spent most of the novel trying to fix his mistake (intentions may vary)—and isn’t *too* bad as a result.
Pride and Prometheus by John Kessel: 5/10
Despite being a crossover with Pride and Prejudice, Kessel tries to be as faithful to the original Frankenstein as possible. However, the few changes he makes hurts Victor from a moral standpoint.
Victor’s not the greatest guy when handling the romantic gestures of both Mary Bennet and Henry. Also, murdering his creature's mate with poison right before they leave to start their happily ever after is awful, but understandable from his point of view.
Then there's P&P's ending, where Walton describes meeting Victor on the ice. It’s revealed that Victor left killing the creature's mate and the Bennet’s out of his narrative. While this is probably Kessel justifying why Jane Austen’s characters and his changes weren’t mentioned in the original text (and who can blame him?) it does make Victor a liar. In the original, the creature never called Victor out for omitting anything—so altering the story on his deathbed places P&P’s Victor a rung lower than his original counterpart.


Frankenstein According to Spike Milligan: 4/10
As a nearly-word-for-word retelling with minor, humorous changes by the comedian Spike Milligan, Victor is more pathetic than anything. He’s a harmless, pathetic, hilarious jerk.
Some quotes:
"I bounded along with feelings of unbridled joy and hilarity. From a great distance my family could see me bounding with unbridled joy and hilarity." (53)
"'I tell you,’ I said, ‘that murderer had his trousers down, was eating fish paste sandwiches and traveling 100 miles per hour.’" (59)
"‘I can offer you no consolation,’ said he. ‘Then piss off.’ said I." (54)
Monster by Neal Bell 3.5/10
*Warning: contains mentions of animal abuse*
On one hand, Victor wants to conquer death to save his family and is clearly disturbed over Justine's and his mother’s death. However, the man expresses little concern at the possibility of William getting struck by lightning with his kite in front of his mother who had already lost 9 children.
He can also talk to dogs and cats (for…some reason?) who are portrayed as intelligent beings with feelings—yet that doesn’t stop him from eating said dogs in the Arctic and killing said cat after threatening her with a knife. He also flings around Bible verses while being painfully egotistical about “being God”.
Using Henry’s romantic affections toward him to his advantage, briefly forcing himself on Elizabeth, and tenderly caring for his monster only to abandon him after the creature expresses a want to die just makes him an awful person all around. The fact he doesn’t do these things with clear malicious intent saves him from being any lower.
ELIZABETH: A bone. A brittle bit of skin. A tooth—
VICTOR: Would you not be womanish now?
Be useful. Here—hold the Leyden jar, While I attach the string…
VICTOR: A satisfactory morning, then, Mister Puss—tormenting the dogs?
CAT: God gave me a duty. I fulfill it.
VICTOR: Papa says there is no God. (He takes out a knife)

Pretty bad dude

*WARNING: Please note that some of these Victors get into unsavory territory. If the mention of sexual themes/abuse/murder bothers you turn back:*
The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein by Peter Ackroyd: 3/10

This one was tricky. The narrative chugs along with Victor being an intelligent, thoughtful guy with only a few obsessive tendencies. He’s chilling with the Shelleys, talking to the poor in the streets and financially supporting Fred’s family along with giving out generous tips. He’s a cool guy. He’s a great dude! He’s….revealed in the final 2 pages to be recounting everything from a mental asylum, the monster was in his head, and he’s actually the one that committed the murders.
Alrighty then. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Having his insanity revealed in the final pages, it’s hard to judge whether there was genuine malicious intent or if Victor truly thought he created the creature and believed he was doing good in trying to “stop” it. No matter his intentions though, the body count remains and a child strangler has no place being anything higher than a 3.
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White: 1/10

We all knew this one would make the list. Elizabeth’s first flashback sets up Victor as having serious issues—the question becomes how low will he go? Turns out pretty low.
He’s the one who killed William and framed Justine along with murdering his father, brother Robert and various people at Ingolstadt.
What really makes him despicable is that Elizabeth is the novel's main POV character who only sticks with Victor so she’s not thrown out on the streets. He’s abusive, controlling, dominating, and so possessive that he’ll perfect reanimation so that not even death can take her away from him! Yikes. I can’t stress enough how being in Elizabeth’s POV makes these actions all the more menacing.
“There was never another path for you. Consider how much worse it has all been for me. How much I have had to suffer. And how much of that suffering has been caused directly by you!” His face twitched, and his fingers tightened on the pistol. Then he sighed. “It does not do to dwell on it. There is no point in fighting. This is your fate, Elizabeth Frankenstein. I will let no other claim you—not man, not death, not even God.” (279)
Nice guy.
Despite his terrible actions, Victor *is* trying to "save" Elizabeth from death. In his mind, he wants what’s best for her. It’s a crazy mind that mixed up domination and love, but the fact that his evil actions come from wanting to keep someone he wants to control cares about safe vs. other versions where his crimes stem from wanting to rival god and rule the world, this version isn’t THAT bad. At least his hearts in the right place—even if his mentality is utter garbage.
The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Theodore Roszak 0/10

Caroline: Hey son, you should do NSFW things.
Victor: Sure. I will now do NSFW things.
Victor: proceeds to do NSFW things
The reprint of this novel mentions on the cover it’s erotica, but the copy I bought (and to this day have not finished) had no such disclaimer. I’ll break my rule and speak on the quality of this book: there is none. For an alleged “pro-feminism” novel everyone is terrible—and Victor is no exception.

Literally Satan.

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Series: -∞/10

So you’ve read far enough to join me in Hell.
Where do even I start? This is a Victor who extended his life to the present day. Who worked with Hitler, Stalin, Castro and regretted the fall of the Third Reich. Who created an army of emotionally deprived “new race” creations to kill people and assume their identities so he could ascend the ranks of politics. Who, once he has enough of his new race integrated into society, desires to commit mass genocide on humanity and establish himself as supreme ruler of the world—only then can he conquer the cosmos as well because why the hell not?
Oh, and he’s a wife-beatemurderer too! Which isn’t a problem, considering he can create a new wife whenever he sees fit (he was on Erika 5 by book 3). The sheer lack of any positive traits in this man is laughable. Koontz really, REALLY wants to get across that Victor is a bad guy.
And if you’re somehow not convinced by the above description, here are some quotes I pulled from the first 3 novels as a bonus to really sell how despicable this clown is:
Regarding Elizabeth:
“Victor had not loved Elizabeth. Love and God were myths he rejected with equal contempt. But Elizabeth had belonged to him. Even after more than 200 years, he still bitterly resented the loss of her, as he would have resented losing an exquisite antique porcelain vase if [his creature] had smashed that instead of the bride,” (3.97).
Regarding Mary Shelley:
“When Mary Shelley took a local legend based on truth and crafted fiction from it, she made Victor a tragic figure and killed him off. He understood her dramatic purpose for giving him a death scene, but he loathed her for portraying him as tragic and as a failure. Her judgment of his work was arrogant. What else of consequence did she ever write? And of the two, who was dead—and who was not?” (1.79-80)
“Fire was featured in some of his less pleasant memories. The great windmill. The bombing of Dresden. The Israeli Mossad attack on the secret Venezuelan research complex that he had shared with Mengele in the years after World War Two. Nevertheless, he liked to read to the accompaniment of a cozy crackling fire,” (1.76).
“Victor admired Hitler. The Führer knew talent when he saw it. In the 1930s and 40s, Victor had worked with Mengele and others in Hitler's privileged scientific class. He made considerable progress in his work before the regrettable allied victory…the problem with the Führer had been that his roots were in art and politics…The future did not belong either to artists or to politicians,” (2.24-25).
Dat ego tho:
“When I die, those cells will be capped descend a signal that will be relayed by satellite to everyone made of new race flesh, to every meat machine that walks. And you will fall down dead,’…Victor smiled, anticipating triumph in spite of their silence. ‘Did you think a God would die alone?’” (3.345).
Civilization would not be remade or sustained by Christianity or by Islam. Neither by Scientologists nor by the bright-eyed adherence of the deliciously solipsistic paranoid new religion encouraged by The Da Vinci Code. Tomorrow belonged to scientism. The priests of scientism were not merely robed clerics performing rituals, they were gods, with the power of gods. Victor himself was their Messiah,” (2.25).
“With Victor's unstoppable drive for power, with his singular intellect, with his cold materialism and his ruthless practicality, and now with synchronicity on his side, he had become untouchable, immortal. He was immortal,” (3.329).
“How they goggled at him, abashed by his wisdom and knowledge, mortified by their ignorance, over-awed by his godlike power,” (3.330).
“’Murder,’ said the caller. ‘murder…excites me.’ Victor kept the growing concern out of his voice. ‘No, your mind is fine. I don't make mistakes.’” (1.156)
Oh yeah, he has a wife, doesn't he:
“I have given you a life…remember that. I have given you a life, and I will choose what you do with it,” (1.464).
Wives view of him:
“She owned literally hundreds of outfits. Having been created to his ideal measurements, Victor had purchased everything…She hoped that someday she would be allowed to shop for herself. When Victor allowed that, she would know she had at last met his standards and earned his trust. Briefly, she wondered what it would be like not to care what Victor—or anyone—thought of her. To be herself. Independent. Those were dangerous thoughts. She must repress them.” (1.107)
And those are just the PG bits, he does much, *much* worse.
In conclusion:
So yes, Spike Milligan made Victor a pathetic jerk, Casebook made Victor a madman, Memoirs made him an erotic predator, Dark Descent had him as an abusive boyfriend ruthless in possessing “his Elizabeth”, but nearly succeeding at worldwide genocide while abusing/murdering/manipulating people to achieve his goals makes Dean Koontz’s Victor Frankenstein the worse, more morally despicable Victor Frankenstein of them all. At least from what I’ve read.
Annnnd that’s it! If you want me to make a part 2 and add in the films/plays let me know! Hopefully at least one of these peeked your interest as something to check out during spooky season.


Ranking the books on how much I liked them personally!

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein: Nice to see Victor’s villainy stem from family relations and not ego and wanting to defy God for a change. It's not perfect by any means, but does what it needs to very well.
Junji Ito’s Frankenstein: Phenomenal artwork, fairly faithful adaptation, and the changes serve to put Victor in a better light—which I love! The master of manga monsters himself made the right choice in keeping the creature more monstrous in this version instead of focusing on his humanity.
This Dark Endeavor: Frankenstein characters go on a Harry Potter styled adventure. Need I say more?
Such Wicked Intent: Victor’s character takes a dip, and pit monsters/life-absorbing butterflies don’t quite fit in a Frankenstein prequel. Still a decent read though.
Frankenstein According to Spike Milligan: It’s a silly, stupid comedy. Got a few chuckles out of me.
Pride and Prometheus: The concept works way better than it should. However, it follows the original text to a fault and can be boring at points.
Warning: contains mentions of suicide
Monster: Victor’s character was far too inconsistent to be likable. He can talk to animals why, exactly?
Casebook of Victor Frankenstein: The essay “Frankenstein: The Man and the Monster” by Arthur Belefant does the "Victor's monster is all in Victor's head" twist so much better. It’s not perfect, but beats Casebook by a longshot!
Also, taking the real-life suicide of Percy’s wife Harriet and turning it into Victor murdering her and framing it on someone else to mimic Frankenstein’s Justine/William scene is just wrong. You made a woman’s suicide a cheap plot point in your fanfic of the mistress’s novel. That is what you did, author.
Dean Koontz Frankenstein: It starts out good and has great suspense—too bad the actual plot is awful. Victor’s so painfully evil it comes off as comical, the characters are bad/bland, plot holes abound (they state Mary Shelley’s novel is canon, then mention the windmill which was only in the films—so who even IS this Victor? Book or film?). The conclusion in book 3 is one of the most underwhelming finals I’ve ever read, and the creature “cures” a kid of Autism in the final chapter. No really. How this is a book series/comic series/movie is beyond me.
So atrocious I couldn’t bring myself to finish:
Warning: contains mentions of sexual themes
The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein: It claims to be pro-feminist, but the women “good guys” blatantly state they are grooming children for sexual rituals and Victor and Elizabeth are coerced into doing NSFW things by Victor’s mother in the name of “women’s rights”. Here’s the kicker: these awful actions are framed as being positive. I—a woman—loath this novel. Maybe things got better by the end (and if there was some plot twist that changed the entire setup, I apologize for ranting about nothing) but I’m not reading to that point to find out! Thank goodness The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein exists to give us a decent feminist take on Frankenstein!
submitted by Charlemagne2020 to FRANKENSTEIN

My experience with CyberPowerPC

My experience with CyberPowerPC
I've only ever built my own computers, but CyberPower had such a deal on components I wanted that I decided to give them a shot. Some components I skimped out on with the intention of upgrading them in the near future. Here was my experience:
The selection of components in a customizable build are excellent, with a variety of options to let you prioritize saving money or getting precisely what you'd like. However be aware that if you select a general option instead of a specific manufacturer, you will get a component that's poorly reviewed and not selling. For example MSI's Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT is the most widely liked iteration of the 5600 XT, while ASrock's offerings have poor reviews and reliability ratings. If you select "AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT" instead of one from a specific manufacturer you will probably get one that isn't super great. I strongly recommend doing your own research on each individual component you select, just because they let you build it doesn't mean it will run well or is a good idea. Overall though it's a nice streamlined process.
The CS reps, as many others have cited before me, are rather curt and seemingly irritated by customer interaction. It really doesn't take that much effort to not seem annoyed about having to do your job. I'm glad my situation didn't call for more interaction, and hopefully I won't need to go through a warranty process with them.
My build came in a timely manner and was shipped securely. I think it's silly that they give you the option of paying for premium packaging. It's like buying a car but paying extra just to have seatbelts installed. If they take responsibility for damages during shipping, they must be paying out the ass on warranty repairs. If they blame it on the customer and just tell them they should have gotten the premium packaging, well that's just kind of scummy and predatory. But I digress, everything was in working order when I received it with no apparent damage to components or the case. I did also pay for the pro cable management, but it seems I did not receive it. Cables visible in the front are awkwardly routed and have zipties dangling in front of the motherboard. The back is a figurative rats nest and appears to be pretty low effort cable management. I intend on asking for a refund for that cable management service. Although not upset about it, I'd rather just not give them a freebie twenty bucks.
I had a limited selection of cases for this build (I guess that was the catch). Basically my options were a case with literally almost no airflow, a wonky looking cube, or a big ugly monster of a cage. I went for the no airflow option with the intention of replacing the case ASAP. Fit and finish is nice, and the case looks good, but front panel is entirely solid on the front and bevels. The only intake for air to enter the computer is a small grate at the very bottom of the front panel. The top panel is not quite as restrictive, but senselessly limits how much air can escape through the top. This case really wouldn't do for any gaming computer to be honest.
Overall I had a good experience. It was pretty much on par with what I expected, and I got a solid deal on components I wanted. But in the future, I'll probably just save up the extra cash and build it myself.
Some details: Sales post date:10/26/2020 Expected ship date:11/18/2020 Warehouse date:10/26/2020 Assembly date:11/2/2020 Quality Control date:11/2/2020 Final Quality Control date:11/2/2020 Shipping date:11/3/2020 CARE1: Ultra Enhanced Packaging Solution - Protect Your Dream System During Transit [+19] CARE2: CPU Thermal Compound - Our Cooler Master MASTERGEL High Performance Thermal Compound can improve cooling performance as well as prolong the life of your CPU. CAS: Syber M Series 2.0 ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ USB 3.0, & Side-Panel Window CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i9-10850K 10/20 3.60GHz [Turbo 5.1GHz] 20MB Cache LGA1200 [-20] CS_FAN: 3X 120mm Phanteks SK120 PWM FAN - high airflow nine-blade 500-1500 RPM Radiator Fans Black FAN: CyberPowerPC DEEPCOOL Castle 120EX ARGB 120mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooling System w/ Copper Cold Plate (Single Standard 120MM Fan) HDD: 1TB Intel 665P SERIES PCIE NVME M.2 SSD IUSB: Built-in USB Ports (Based on motherboard and case selection) MEMORY: 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4/3200MHz Team T-Force Delta RGB MOTHERBOARD: ASUS PRIME Z490-V ATX, ARGB, 1GbE LAN, 2 PCIe x16, 4 PCIe x1, 4 SATA3, 2x M.2 SATA/PCIe + WiFi 6 Intel 201AX OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit Edition) POWERSUPPLY: 650 Watts - Enermax Revolution D.F. series 650Watts 80 Plus Gold Full-Modular w/ Twister Bearing Fan Power Supply PRO_WIRING: Professional Wiring for All WIRING Inside The System Chassis - Minimize Cable Exposure, Maximize Airflow in Your System RECOVERYUSB1: Windows 10 Recovery USB RUSH: Standard processing time: ship within 3 to 4 Weeks SERVICE: 3 Years FREE Service Plan (INCLUDES LABOR AND LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT) VIDEO: AMD Radeon™ RX 5600 XT 6GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 WARRANTY: STANDARD WARRANTY: 1 Year Parts WARRANTY
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